8-week marathon training programme, coming back from injury?

Hi, first post on here. Looking for some pretty niche advice.

I am running the Edinburgh Marathon  in late May, currently nine weeks to go.

Training was going v. well up until five weeks ago when I finally realised I had peroneal tendonitis. At that time (14 weeks to go) I was running 35 miles per week plus inc. tempo, intervals and LSR 16 miles five weeks on trot. I had Parkrun down to 19.33, 1h34 halfie (training runs not race) and felt sub-3:15 might be within my grasp if everything had gone perfectly.

NOW, I have only run once in past five weeks (two-mile jog).

If my injury clears up I plan to start running again this Sunday (with eight weeks to go until Edinburgh). I also have a 20-miler booked in, three weeks before Edinburgh.

Getting back to my niche question, does anyone know of an eight-week marathon training restart programme suitable for me? And does anyone have any tips about starting back running again with just eight weeks to go 'til marathon?



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