Running Playlist

Hi Everyone,


I was wondering what your best tracks were on your playlist.. trying to get back into running and need some good tunes to keep me going?




  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    My most recent playlist is on my blog

    We all have different tastes for music so what gets me going on the track may not do the same for you. Personally, I prefer dance music and club remixes of popular songs.
  • Anything by the Chemical Brothers is great

  • old iron maiden classics , run to the hills , hallowed be thy name , the whole of "welcome to the black parade" by my chemical romance  image

  • Anything by System of a Down or Rammstein, more or less anything by Disturbed and I agree with Martin B about The Black Parade but what always make me smile when they come on are Alice Cooper's Hello Hooray and The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen in Love. 

    The opening bars of Hello Hooray remind me of when in came on my ipod  at the most hideous part of my first ever half marathon  -  'God I feel so strooooooooong...'  haha felt awful but did it anyway and the god of running and ipods has chosen to play The Buzzcocks on the final strait of every one since *and* in the tent at the end of the last GNR!

    My husband says he can tell what's playing by the way I run image

    Sorry for the long answer  -  music's important!

  • Love Music lists

    Prodigy Firestarter always helps Love the KLF as well image

    Linkin Park,Metallica,Nickleback..A bit of Yank rock

    Thin Lizzy,Saxon,AC/DC (Back in Black every track a winner) and Motorhead image

    Yep Rock music with a bit of dance thrown in image

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