Liverpool Marathon MAY 2104

According to Liverpool ECHO sources, Liverpool City Council is putting out tender instruction for a LIVERPOOL Marathon to take place annually from May 2014. Suggestion is it will start at the Pier Head and finish somewhere else...

Think I'll enter this one, anyone else?



  • Won't be alive then, well I don't thin so.

  • Ha Ha 2014. Mis-typed in my excitement!!

  • Well if it will be an annual event let's actually enter 2104, be a lot less to enter as well.

  • Don't kid yourself...

  • If its true its good news, lets hope it works

  • Joe Anderson has announced it so it must be true. image

  • So, not a trick question, what will the Council get from this deal that they weren't getting from the previous organisers

  • How can that be? if they are now saying they are prepared to subsidise it, I believe to the tune of £30-50k, saying that 5,000 runners could mean a break even. 

    Surely everything there is available now. They do state that it will not be finishing at Pier Head so this has to be the big stumbling block. 

  • I'd be interested.
  • Both Me and Mrs Warkie would love to run another Marathon in Liverpool,very close to the Liverpool half though image

  • Makes no sense to me how or why LCC can put out such a statement. Without knowing the specifics of a course and the likely numbers (5,000?) then it is impossible to suggest a break even figure. I suspect moving it May won't help as there is London, Manchester, Brighton and Milton keynes in April.

    To correct Mr. Anderson, Liverpool City Council is NOT rescuing the event and neither did BTR 'let anyone down' - both comments attributed to the career politician in the Liverpool ECHO earlier today. Left alone to get on with we would have been much further ahead.

    Political and commercial interference has not helped.

    The propsed cash support from LCC is another red herring. Would love to comment further...

  • Dave The Spartan - how perceptive!

  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    Dave The Spartan - how perceptive!




    See how easy it is to mis-read something ?

  • Dave - you will always be a Spartan to me!

  • Ah.. But If I had been based at the companies Liverpool site, I would have been a Harrier...

    and as the company is long gone so are the Spartans

  • So come on Dave the Ex and Alan, if the reason is Money, where and how do the council profit, you seem to be alluding to them making on this switch, whilst they are saying they will contribute.

    Now I rarely believe a Politician, but I can't see how 5000 runners paying up to £49 each can need any subsidy. Also if this was required how did the previous outfit put it on without making a loss.

  • I didn't allude to anything, Other than if a politician thinks it's a good idea it is because he can see a way of making money.. For the city / council / others

  • EKGO - the entry fee was £46 not £49 and at 5,000 that would deliver £230,000. This amount is insufficient to deliver a quality marathon event. Anyone who undersatnds the ACTUAL amount required to host an event will know this.

    LCC will NOT be putting it's own money in to this event as they clearly stated in the Terms And Conditions of our 'arrangement' that any marathon event would NOT have a commercial impact on LCC - and that was BEFORE the austerity measures. the marathon we delivered had no financial impact on LCC. So where precisely has this £30,000 - £50,000 contribution come from given there seemingly isn't a local authotity in the country that has any spare cash.

    They seem to have created a different set of rules all of a sudden.

    It is my view they just don't want BTR to host the event. 

  • Seems that way, but why would that be, was it simply the stance over the route? or was this just an excuse 

  • I'd not trust the council as far as I can throw them.

    May isn't a good month as Alan says. Too close to other big marathons. Could be scorching hot too.
  • EKGO - if I told you I would have to kill you... anyway our energies are being focused positively toward our four new events this year - Port Sunlight 10K, Tour of Merseyside (no races in Liverpool), Wirral Half Marathon and a top secret event scheduled for September 22nd.

    (The secret event isn't in Liverpool. Can anyone spot the common denominator..?)

    There is life beyond the marathon and as Slowfoot said on the other thread... "who cares who puts the marathon on as long as we can run?"

    Thanks Slowfoot...

  • I hadn't realised that this was a sarcastic thread title - i'm slow wit.

    Unless Slowfoot is a mate of yours i don't see why you've taken exception to his comment. How many of us care who has organised an event as long as it's done properly?


  • K80 -the fact of the matter is that I care! I take considerable personal pride in the events we deliver which is generally acknowledged but clearly not by everyone. That won't change and neither will my professional attitude toward event delivery and the standards we demand.

    Slowfoot isn't a mate.

  • Having been an organisers of events, I understand Alan's feelings.


    BUT I do agree with K80 and Slowfoot, I never look at who is organising an event when I am considering an entry, I look at where, when,  what and how much

  • Alan..from everything I have read and heard you are a good and conscientious race director....

    but like the others...i do not enter a race because of a race doesn't matter to me as long as i feel that it is well organised and that i get value for money........

    so I also seem strange that on a public forum set up for debate that you take exception at slowfoots comment......

    It wasn't anything negative about you or said anything againgst your organisation...

    it just stated what most runners think..they enter a race because of the race .not the director......


  • Alan,

    If I am following these threads correctly you were organisisng a marathon this year that has to be cancelled - issues with the Council? The same Council is now orgainisng a marathon next year.

    Firstly you have every right to be aggrieved about having to cancel the 2013 event and I would support your complaint againt the Council 100% - particularly if you have suffered any detriment as a result of that cancellation.

    Even though I may not like what they've done I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face and shun it next year.

    I wouldn't take it so personally Alan, it's not a reflection on you but the organisation and its officers.

    It reminds me of a conversation i had this week with planning officers who recommened a change of use application from shop to cafe, advising Councillors that competion was not a valid reason to refuse. The Councillors rejected it image but the poor planning officer will have to deliver the news to the applicant.


  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    Having been an organisers of events, I understand Alan's feelings.


    BUT I do agree with K80 and Slowfoot, I never look at who is organising an event when I am considering an entry, I look at where, when,  what and how much

    I agree with this too.

    I look at where the race is, when, how far, and how much it costs to enter, not who is actually doing the organising.

    The exception would come if I experienced a very BADLY organised race, then I might avoid that organiser again!

    Easy for me to say, but don't take it so personally - runners are only interested in the race.

  • I suppose if you have run an event before or have run a different event by the same organiser then you have a good idea what to expect. You may be more tempted to go for it ( or there again less likely.)  So it does make a difference but it is not the main deciding factor. What you get from BTR is good but it does not mean that what you would get from a new organiser would not be.

    The problem with a new one would be the level of council involvement. The council has come across as seeing a marathon as something you must suffer rather than something they actually want and there is no saying that a new organiser will come in under strict council terms.

    If not a marathon bites the dust which would be a shame.




  • I'd definitely think twice about entering races that have been badly organised in the past. There's one in London that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

    I'd think the vast majority of runners haven't a clue though and only care when things go wrong.
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