Liverpool Marathon MAY 2104



  • There is one in Gloucestershire which still has an alarm bell ringing around its title.

  • In Alan's defence, I can see why he took that comment the way he did - he puts blood sweat and tears into his events and let's be honest, not all race organisers do, some are bloody abysmal.  If everyone just wanted to "race" and not have the experience of a good event - well, what's the point, just go and set a race up with your mates or only do small club only races.  Marathons especially need to have passionate people behind them, they aren't easy in any which way and a badly managed event can go disastrously wrong (as I experienced at Manchester marathon last year).  You get a company in who only cares about making money and not about the runners, well, we know what can happen.  

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭

    I'll pay for Joe Anderson to run this if that helps.

  • I thought that I asked a fair questios as having run around the world apart from the Disney runs and The London marathon I couldn't tell you who orgainsied the runs and frankly I don't care.

    Yes I've had badly organised runs I simply don't go back  and the runs that I go back to well they are the ones that I enjoy it doesn't mean I can tell who organised them in the first place. Sorry if my honesty ruffled a feather or two!

  • Being a local, most of the events I've ran have been btr/run liverpool events. Each and every one has been very well run and the half marathon last week was excellent. It seems clear to me that LCC are being greedy and forced Alan to drop the 2013 event. Perhaps btr isn't perceived to be fashionable enough. Whatever the reason, btr have been treated disgracefully and for that reason I won't be running in this event.
  • I notice no one has mentioned the first round of bidding a few years back.

    Winning bidder did one and it was left to local boy AR to put race on and save LCC blushes.

  • Am I right in now thinking Liverpool will have a marathon and TWO half marathons next year?


  • Alan - quick slightly related question. How come the Port Sunlinght 10k isnt UKA accredited? Will you be getting this next year. I was just suprised that it didnt count on Run Britain.


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Drawing a line under what's happened the last few years, I hope they can make this race a success.

    a few years ago I emailed Alan tongue in cheek offering to plan a "decent" route round Liverpool taking in the Carhedrals and the Football ground at Anfield etc, and he took it in good part and pointed out the restrictions and costs involved from the council.

    perhaps this time they'll get the course the city deserves rather than a compromise imposed by the council.

    The Fat Controller of the Council says he going to run it too, highly unlikely!


  • From their website

    "This unforgettable course will feature a flat and scenic tour of the city centre, starting and finishing at the iconic waterfront, and passing many famous landmarks that showcase the city???s natural charm. "

    Hmm flat and taking in the landmarks ? This will be an interesting route !
  • The issue of Runners World which featured the Liverpool HM a few months back claimed that route was pancake flat as well.   It's a funny shaped pancake when you run up Parliment Street...

  • Maybe a pancake being tossed in mid air has a similar profile ?
  • Rock and roll onwards image  


    Liverpool has a marathon in 2014 so despite some of the comments of some LCC have been good to their word 

    Hopefully those who are negative about it will do the decent thing and fade away and give the new organisers a chance 

  • But no marathon in 2013. Good luck to the Rock and Roll people with their event.
  • Well I'm looking forward to it - and yes I avoid those runs whose organisers don't organise things for all of their runners, fail to deliver on the promises or generally are just rude...

    Yes May is going to be a pain (London, followed by an offroad 60 miler, followed by Rock N Roll... ) but hey ho...

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