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Hi. Am coming to England to find a good sports shop which can give me proper shoe advice and so that i can try on a variety of running shoes. Any ideas pls? will be staying in London. someone mentioned an Asics shop in Oxford? have been having problems with toes. also had orthotics inserted because was given very bad advice! have now removed!


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    I don't know London.  But going to a "single brand" running shop doesn't sound like a good idea to me - unless you are certain you want that brand.

    Would you choose a washing machine from a shop that sells exclusively from one manufacturer?

  • yes you have a point Run Wales. I am also going to go to other shops which sell variety of brands...any ideas on shops?

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    Sweatshop sell loads of brands. I think they have a number of shops in London.
  • thanks image will look it up! just want to finally find a shoe which fits my narrow "greek" feet! image

  • Don't go to the Asics shop - they will try and sell you Asics!  Try: - they have 15 shops in London - Victoria - East Sheen (a bit out of the way, unless you are going to Richmond.  If you do, also have a look at Sheen Sports - brilliant local sports shop.

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    There is a brand new state of the art Sweatshop by Bank tube station which is equipped with all kinds of equipment to analyse and test your running. If you are happy to spend some money on getting a thorough evaluation and expert advice on what kind of shoe to get, that's the place to go to!
  • thanks Timi! @Discount Runner, is there something wrong with getting an Asics shoe? i've tried Nike and Salomon, so i was going to try the Asics this time round. i was given this website ( and they seem to be pretty professional there as well. i emailed them and they immediately replied to all my queries. Plus if you do get a shoe the analysis is free. if i don't get the shoe it's just £20.

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    I can see no reason why Asics wouldn't be as good as anyone else - Obviously one of the top brands - and they spend as much on research as anyone else. I'd expect them to be professional.

    Out of interest, what do you get for £20?  In most running shops, you get a video gait analysis for free - whether or not you buy.    Does the Asics shop offer something more than the usual video gait analysis?

  • when they replied to my email they said that they do 3 d door scan too. And let you run in different shoes to see how it impacts foot. I was going to go there as a one stop shop sort of. do you usually buy two of same brand or different? Am new to this since yet to find my shoe! Very frustrated. Currently resting. Meniscus sprain. Should start slow tomorrow. Missing out on a competitive 13km at end of month. Sigh.
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