pain behind my knee

Last week during a 20 mile run at about 15-16 miles I started getting a pain behind my knee. Not behind the knee cap but right behind my knee, kind of in the crease of the back of my knee.

Had gentle run mid-week not too bad, then did 10 miles yesterday and it came back by the end I was limping. Wore off a little during the day. and today I can still feel it but its not too bad.

Problem is I'm trainin gfor VLM up to 20 miles as I mentioned last week (ashby 20) do I carry on with my long weekend runs or just rest untill the marathon and hope I can complete it with just reaching 20 miles?.

Help please. Also anyone any idea what it could be?



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  • Hi just wondered if you found the cause of this? I'm experiencing exactly the same image
  • Might be strain of the popliteus, small muscle in the back of the knee, I had this many years ago whilst training for marathon, unfortunately rest was the only thing that got rid of it!

  • Geri H sounds about right. Super common, but poorly diagnosed.

    With your distance Woody is most likely that as you fatigue you're loosing control of the last bit of knee extension as your foot hits the ground. This forces your knee to hyperextend and stretch the tissues at the back of your knee - the capsule, hamstrings, popliteal bursa and popliteus.

    Lots and lots and lots of inner range quad work (tiny knee bends, controlling the straightening bit) when standing. Lots and often! Ice and think about running with "soft" knees.
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