Horrible Persistent IT Band finally properly diagnosed!

Something I just had to share with everyone as there may be others in a similar situation!


I have suffered with a recurring problem with my IT band for around 3 or 4 years now and the advice I had previously received was the usual ICE, stretch, roller etc which solved the problem for a time but it would always flare up again.  The pain always starts on the outside of my right knee and will eventually travel up towards my hip if I carry on running.


However after it really flared up at around mile 9 of the Liverpool half marathon the other week, I bit the bullet and went to a private sports physio who after around 30-40minutes a prodding and moving me around and getting me to do all kinds of stretching diagnosed me with weak glutes, particularly on my right hand side (the side that has the recurring IT band problem)  The issue is that the weak glute muscle on that side causes my hip to drop and consequently my knee rolls in as I am running, causing the IT band to rub (this is why I was getting a pain in my hip as well as knee)


He has given me some glute strengthening exercises to do as well as doing some trigger point accupuncture on the glute muscle (oww!!) and reckons that within a couple more sessions and keeping up the exercises all should be well again! image


Thought this may be useful for anyone else suffering the same problem.

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