Hamstring Tendons

My training has been going well so far (ran the Thanet 20 which is my longest distance), as well as a number of 13/14/15/16 runs.

However after a recent run I've got some nagging pains in my hamstring tendon (outside right) which is causing a bit of discomfort.  I'm RICEing up and things but don't want to overstretch myself now with four weeks to go?  I can walk ok and it's nothing overly painful - just more of a dull pain and slightly sensitive to a push on the tendon.

I know there's no magic answer but do people think I should just completely rest up to ensure I get to the start line in London as close to 100% as possible or test it a bit more?

It's my first marathon and there is no chance of pulling out (even if I have to crawl around).  I think I've got enough miles in my legs but what could I lose by keeping off the roads to stop further damage?

Any stretches/strenghtening excercises people can recommend?

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