Race Planning

Do you care who organises a race?

 I ask as Liverpool City Council are looking to restart the Liverpool marathon in 2014 after it was pulled by the organisers this year after a dispute with the Council over the route, 

I have no personal interest but I know the current organisers have a strong following who squarely blame the Council whilst others including council officials say the Organisers (BTR Lpool) weren't flexible enough.

I doubt that BTR will tender again (I stand to be corrected) so do you really care who organises a race ?


  • No.

    As long as the race is properly organised, I'm not bothered.  I do pretty much only do races which are club-organised, or by local organisers, but I've nothing against professional race organisers making a profit.

    If I felt that the entry cost was OTT, I'd just not enter.


  • Nope..........

    Where, What, When and how much

  • slowfoot..just posted on the other thread..didn't see this..

    I'm with you.as long as a race is well organised and value for money I don't care who is organising it.......

    If i get a bad experience then i would probably avoid that organisers other events.......

    I would give charities a little higher margin on my value for money indicator.


  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)


    Where, What, When and how much




  • nope, i wouldn't know or care who organises most races, so long as they do it well.

    in terms of things I'll spend my time thinking about, it's up there with who is the provider of plastic cups in the vending machine at work.

  • I thought that I asked a fair question as having run around the world apart from the Disney runs and The London marathon I couldn't tell you who orgainsied the runs and frankly I don't care.

    Yes I've had badly organised runs I simply don't go back  and the runs that I go back to well they are the ones that I enjoy it doesn't mean I can tell who organised them in the first place. Sorry if my honesty ruffled a feather or two!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    If you're looking for a flat certified road race, it's always a leap of faith turning up at a first year race put on my a non running club.

    With running clubs you generally get the feeling that the race has been well researched and organised, and isn't run just for profit unlike a lot of these companies that spring up.

    You know the types, offering 5 or 10ks for £25, where if you run sub 20 or sub 40 you'll be right in the very front pack.

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