Bolton Hill Marathon Day 2

Here we go again! Next time its a 2 day event so you can run either day and it avoids Mothers Day, but what we really want to know is who's brave enough to do the doubleimage!



  • Or mad enough! image

  • I think I'll be back, likely to run one day and spectate the other.  Which day are you booking the sunshine and still conditions for?!

  • Missed it this year, but no ecuse as it's on mi doorstep.  I'll be doing itimage

  • Please can you order the sunshine for the Saturday, i'm in, wouldn't miss it image

  • It will be shorts and t shirt weather Maria, well at least for the runners image

  • Hey there Phil,

    I have entered.....bring it on!

  • Missed this this year due to ilness. Booked image

  • I want to do some back to backs for prep for another race.  How many will enter both as I cant see paying for this until august/September?


  • I'm going for just the saturday! Not fit enough for the back to back just yet!! Looking forward to it as it's super-local for me and i've ran in this area before, it's beautiful running!

  • I would think there will be around 50 doing the back to back, more the merrier either way once the limit reaches 300 both single and back to back we cant take anymore so better to book early to avoid disappointment image


  • Just to inform everyone we have some fantastic news for 2014 runner, we have decided to have chip timing both days and we are to announce on the site there will be a pasta party and family fairground on the Friday/Saturday, registration for the following day marathon will also be open at these times. No need to book however you can add pasta party ticket to your entry if you wish through RW next week. The pasta party will be held in the main heated marquee, it will be a great way to chat and meet other runners image

  • What sort of shoe would you recommend for the race?  Fell or trail?

  • The course is run on existing footpaths and (in a few places) roads so I would say to go with trail shoes. There are only a few short sections which were muddy so you could probably get away with racing shoes.


    If you do go with trail shoes, then you may want some extra padding in you insoles. The image below (From the website) shows part of the course which is made up from large cobbles/boulders and goes on for a few miles. I found that running on that bashed my feet around and made them quite sore.



  • I did this last year, and I'm looking forward to Saturday's race; not been brave enough for the double! Good trail shoes will get you around well.

  • Did this last year. Took me nearly six hours and came in right towards the end of the field. The weather was brutal, the course was very tough in places, and I swore to my wife I'd never be doing it again. On the other hand...

  • Yeah come back and you can do it twice this year! ! We have some warmer temperarures on order this year!
  • Cannot decide on best shoe - first time in event - are normal road shoes ok ? Have got a pair of fell shoes - but are they comfortable enough for the longer distance ?

  • Trail shoe's are the best option , there is a little mud, loose stone and tarmac so a shoe for evey terrain image
  • Just been reviewing the day 1 info. Can't believe (all being well) 6 weeks today, I'll be a Bolton-Hill-Marathoner!!!! Also can't believe some how I've become a trail marathoner :eek: How did that happen. 2 out of the three marathons I've done are trail, and... the two marathons I've got booked this year, are... (i) Bolton (ii) Snowdon... Problem is once you've trailed (a marathon)... you can't go back... can you? image

  • Only forwarded, next stop ultra or why not do 5 marathons in 5 days such as hell of a hill image.

    Snowdonia marathon is a good choice its a fantastic marathon 2014 will be my 5th consecutive snod. The Bolton hill marathon is pretty good as wellimage, enjoy the trails
  • Did this last year, and if I was able I'd be in for the double without question this year.  Unfortunately it's not possible due to a clash with other commitments, but for anyone considering it I'd highly recommend it.  It's a tough trail marathon, but that's what you want, right?  Priddy, challenging, well run and cheap as chips.  Why wouldn't you?

  • Done a couple of recce's this week and last (whole loop minus white coppice) wearing my fell shoes both times and must say, at times they felt very much needed.

    but, overall I would say that a good pair of trail shoes would be much better to deal with the difficult underfoot conditions across rivington, the few fast road section and obviously the extra lift in the heel to protect the calves on the flat sections as they will be tested enough on the uphill parts.

    Going to go back out next week, but start at wilderswood so that I can try out the flatter sections of the course and white coppice without having winter hill in my legs, may even give my trails a go too.

    really looking forward to this years race. Doing the Saturday. Hoping to actually be able to run some of the hills On race day image

  • I love watching runners at mile 21 when they climb back up rivington, not seen many run up that hill yet
  • wrote (see)
    I love watching runners at mile 21 when they climb back up rivington, not seen many run up that hill yet

    If it's the hill I am thinking of, I was turning the air blue cursing you last year whilst making my way up it!

  • LOL, been out on the course last week Phil and going doing the same 20 mile loop again next week, same as SloanRanger above, all but White Coppice loop.  THAT hill wasn't any easier and it wasn't half as windy as on THAT day last year.  Resigning myself to 30 minute miles and eating my sweets on that section I think.  The grass was very slippy underfoot which made it difficult at times going up.  There's some interesting mud about at the moment, the part past Rivi School is particulary bogged up at the moment image


  • "mile 21... climb back up rivington..." :eek:

    That's just the sort of detail I'd rather remain ignorant of image
  • That hill will never be run by me!!

    That and the first half of the first hill as it makes my calfs explode!

    But, if I can run most of the others I would be more than happy image

  • "That hill will never be run by me!!"

    So if if I walk it... does that mean it's an opportunity for me to rest and recuperate before the final 4 miles?image
  • Sort of, but, in the style of Yoda:

    "Rest it is not"

    Hopefully it won't be sleeting sideways on the way up this yearimage
  • took the mrs round a big chunk of the route today. I don't think she'll be signing up for the marathon any time soon! But, she did think it was an amazingly scenic route and really appreciated the cross-training (she only does roads usually). 

    Changed my mind about footwear again, wore my trails today. Think I'm going for fells with gel sole inserts if it keeps raining through Feb, it's very muddy and slippy in a good few places.

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