Putting on weight and eating issues

Ok, so maybe this will generate some discussion, maybe not, but I think I could do with some advice... I am a pretty decent club runner, since I began running I my weight hasn't varied that much... always been within about half a stone plus or minus a bit of where it is now... The problem is at the heavier end of that scale I was running well, now at the lower end of the scale I have no energy and lots of aches, pains, poor performance alround... I feel exhausted when I try to run... This is scaring me a bit... But I am struggling to manage any kind of weight gain, Yes I am underweight, and yes I want to be a strong muscular athlete, yes I do eat a lot (3 or 4 meals plus snacks a day) but also yes I did have very disordered eating when I was younger, yes I do comfort eat/binge if I am unhappy or stressed and yes I do feel very guilty about eating under those situations... At the moment all my attempts to eat more is turning into chocolate and cakes which upsets me and isn't really helping me improve my nutrition and gain sensible weight... I am thinking about food all the time and just really struggling to figure out why my exisiting diet isn't enough... How can I get my energy back and train hard? When I already have a full and healthy diet where do I add more (especially as I am not really training right now)? Should I feel bad about the chocolate and cakes - will these help or hinder?


  • I can't help much as I'm in a similar situation but thought I'd let you know you're not alone. I really struggle with self-discipline with food, and I'm 17. When I wasn't injured and was a decent 10k runner I didn't care too much what I ate- now my diet is generally better but I have developed on and off bouts of bulimia and binge-eating which I didn't before, by trying to restrict certain food groups. When stressed/bored I can't stop myself which makes me feel even worse about my injury and general health. As for weight, I don't really pay much attention to it but I do get concerned about my yo-yoing body fat levels. If you're feeling exhausted now then maybe you need to keep yourself back on the bigger scale. Chocolate and cakes aren't great for health but good for putting on weight.

    Have you tried pasta and other carbohydrates? Having them before bed will help put on weight in a guilt-free healthier way image

    Seeing a sports nutritionist may help too.

  • Maybe in not training hard, you've cut down the portions a little too far?

    Chocolate and cakes are great in terms of putting weight on, but it sounds like they're  making you miserable, and they're pretty rubbish in terms of nutrition.  Try dried fruit and nuts - they're high in calories and nuts are high in fat, but they're also full of all sorts of minerals that increase your energy levels.  

    i'm sure the local takeaway would be happy to help! image

  • I would suggest that you seek professional advice....

    look for nuts and dried fruit for snacks.also add to your portion control of main meals......Which are porbably very healthy......

    snacks such a meat and pitta breads etc...eat cheese and drink milk......

    You know the good foods out there.....

    good luck

  • Up your portions.

    But first, go and see a doctor, especially if you haven't for a while, to get a general check up.

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