Soleus or gastroc?

Hi all

Last week felt a tear and pain in left calf so bad had to stop workout immediately. Could not walk on left leg at all for a week. Iced for 3 days, on crutches and rested. Hospital said its a gastroc tear. The bruising come up after 5 days on inside / middle lower third of lower left leg about 2 inches above ankle. V v limited bruising in middle of big calf muscle. Cannot weight bear and contract left calf 8 days after injury. Could soleus and gatroc be torn as big calf muscle is tender and if I contract and weight bear by accident that's the area that hurts. Sorry if spelling wrong! Any info appreciated as never happened to me before, though I see from the forums many have suffered before me!


  • while I doubt any of use could tell you whether you've damaged both muscles, I guess it's possible although I would suspect unusual given the description of how it happened.

    you also have to bear in mind that deep muscle bruising in the gastroc would lead to the bruising showing in the soleus and ankle area as the damaged blood cells which produce the bruising colour are affected by gravity so will move down the leg.  I've had a severe hamstring tear before and the bruising gradualy moved down below the knee.  so bruising on the soleus doesn't mean it's damaged.

    face it - you're injured - so rest up and follow advice given to resolve it.

    good recovery!

  • Cheers Fat Buddha (love the name). Rest though, oh sooo boring! Physio tomorrow so hopefully will have something to do after seeing them!

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