Hello everyone! New & starting again.

Hey everyone. I've always enjoyed running/jogging when I could get the chance, but I have been unable to do it for nearly a year due to having a back injury & having to have physio sessions. 

I have started running again over the past 2 weeks. I have had two 5k runs and have done two swimming sessions at 30 mins - 1 hour a time. I have lost 5lb so far due to combining this with dieting. It was my main aim to lose weight in the first place, but thankfully, I am getting back intop it nicely and now look forward to my next run, which will be tonight.

I still consider myself new to running and am always looking for tips to make things easier. I read the magazine (Runners world uk), and do online research. I mainly look for tips for eating post running. I usually run in the evening as due to my working hours, I am unable to run in the morning, and it's nice and cool at night, so I enjoy it more. 

My father also enjoys running and goes regulary when he can. Usually a 5k about twice a week. Later this year there will be a half marathon in Cardiff, which he asked if I would like to try. It got me thinking that I would love to be able to say that I have accomplished something like that and hopefully to gain a medal!

With that in mind, I have about 7 months to train, if I can keep at it! 

Could anyone recommend, or point me in the right direction of some starting tips, and so that I can do this correctly? How often should I run a week? At the moment, I seem to be alternating between running and swimming. I do each, once a week so I can work different parts. 

Also, what drink do you find is best to run with? At the moment, I feel that I cannot run 5k without the need for a drink, so I either run with water, or sometimes a lucozade. Is that a bad idea? What about lucozade sport?

Last week I managed my 5k in around 32 minutes. Not the best, but hey, I'm starting again and hope to beat it tonight. I'll let you know.

I think thats it for now! Thanks guys, and I hope to stick around to get to know you, and hopefully feed off of some motivation!




  • Needing a drink during a 5k run suggests that you are dehdrated before you start. Try drinking more water steadily throughout the day. Also if you are new to running, 32 min for 5k might be a bit fast for you, slow right down to a pace where you can run and hold a conversation at the same time. You're cardiovascular system will get fit more quickly than your muscles etc, so it's important not to do too much too soon.
    Well done for the weight loss and motivation!

  • Thanks for the advice!
  • Hey Ryan well done for getting back into it!

    Have a read of the thread ive been part of for a while now...there is loads and loads on there! image


  • Hi Ryan I've just returned to running as well, albeit after a longer layoff of 12 years. I found swtting myself times initially was demotivating, partly because I was to ambitious and partly because my body wasn't ready for it.

    I thought back to how I used to train when I ran competitively and remembered we spent the vast majority of our time focusing on aerobic exercise as opposed to anaerobic.

    Since going back to this method I've found my times tumbling and i am feeling better after each run. In a few months I have got up to 8 mile runs, from starting at 1 mile.

    In terms of the drink I'd suggest you need to top up during the day.

    Hope it helps...
  • just want to say good luck..for the first couple of years I needed a drink with me for every run......

    then i relaised it was more of a security blanket and now only have them for runs of aboyt 10 miles or more .unless it is hot.....

     so definitely try and be hydrated before you start.but if you want to carry a drink then do so image

  • Thanks guys! I guess I'll take it a bit easier. I wont be running tonight now as I power walked the 2.5 miles from work as I missed the bus and it was too cold to wait! Haha tired now.
  • Hi Ryan, sage advice above image I'm a newbie and was anewbie a few years ago as well and ran my first 5k when I was 50 in 28:42, the second run was slower and I gave up. Training then was running 5k as fast as I could everytime I went out but that's not the way to do it (I have learnt).

    I started again mid 2012 and (sadly) followed the same training ritual but after more reading and entering the Loch Ness Marathon in September I slowed right down and in a couple of weeks was able to 'run' 8 miles non stop (rather than the usual mile before a walk break).

    If your going to enter the Cardiff HM (and I know you want to) it's a different beast and slow/steady will do you good and if you have the time then mayve through in some speed sessions later on. For now, do some slow base training to get the miles in whilst you look for a HM plan you want to follow nearer the timeimage


  • Great, thanks very much. I'll be heading out later so I shall give it a try. I usually walk for 10 mins to warm up, then start. What type of pace am I looking for? I run with Nike+.
  • Well today I entered a little 5 mile multi terrain race for next month. I'm doing it with my old man, hopefully we can spur each other on. In prep I think I'll just carry on what im doing? 3 miles two/three times a week?
  • Hi Ryan,

    Good to see you starting out! I ran my first half a couple of weeks back and I've already signed up to run the Cardiff half in October too.

    If you are in cardiff there are some brilliant routes, my girlfriend studies there and I've run a lot of it. A few laps of Roath Park (Its about a mile around the lake) and theres a park run on a saturday mornings going through Bute Park, starting by Tesco opposite Cardiff Met Llandaff campus.

    3 miles 3 times a week is pretty much how I started. In training for the half you need to run a Long Slow Run once a week, increasing your distance in the lead up to the event. So start off with 4 miles (slowly) then 5, 6 etc. After a few weeks up it to 3 x 3.5m, then 3 x 4, all whilst still incorporating a long slow run (LSR) at the weekend building it up to 12 or more miles.

    Trust me, if I can do it - anyone can!


  • Hey mate, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. I'd love to do the Saturday run but I work at 6am so I always miss it! :/ I also live not too far from Roath park. Any others you know of?
  • Look the course up online anyway and run the same route image lovely run through Bute park!

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