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Hope training is going well.


I'm hoping someone can help.  I'm doing Manchester and 4 weeks later Edinburgh.  Can I use Manchester as my last long run and then do one of about 13miles the week after, then begin tapering?


Any help appreciated.


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  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    You must be more experienced than me, if you've got 2 marathons planned like that.. But I'd have thought you shouldn't be running 13 miles the week after.  I'd be leaving it more than a week before putting my body through double-figure mileage.

    I'd have thought that if you did a normal rest/recovery for the first 10 days.... maybe peaking at 13-15 slow miles 14-18 days before Edinburgh, that feels about right, then following a fairly typical taper from there.

  • Hi Run Wales.Advice much appreciated thank you. I ran Manchester last year had to pull out of Chester due to chest infection. I wanted a challenge, this it. I just hope I can pull it off.

    Toni x
  • Hi Toni,

    I would doubt you will feel able to do too much the week after your first, remember you'll be going further and faster than your previous long runs.

    If I was in your shoes I would take the first week to rest and recover and then a three week taper which would include a modest LSR at the end of the 2nd week if you felt right. In those 4 weeks rest and recovery are your biggest goals, training is not going to improve your fitness in those weeks the thing to work on is your energy levels. Just keep the fine running machine that you are purring over.

    Bare in mind that your body will be pretty battered after Manchester, hence your susceptibility to infection last year so look after yourself rather than trying to push on through.

    Good luck with them both

  • TO - I guess it depends what your objectives are

    if you want to do as best as possible in both, then I'd agree with oirish.

    if you want Manchester to be the A'race, race that and then do what the hell you like so you can bimble around Edinburgh

    if you want Edinburgh as the A'race, treat Manchester as your a LSR with perhpas a little more pace injected to see how it goes.


    I've done Brighton and London a week apart - Brighton was the A race, London was supposed to be a bimble but I ended up only 10mins slower than Brighton as I started off easier expecting it to be more painful and it wasn't as bad as I expected so I picked it up after 9 miles

  • I would give yourself a few days before jumping on a bicycle for a bit of active recovery for a days. Then try a little short run on the Sunday after to see how your legs are without stressing your immune system. Then if all ok build slowly again before trying a 10-13miler two week out. Then chuck in a short tempo to build pace. Finally just treat the last week as you would the last week before any 'A' race marathon. Not tried it myself but I can imagine your legs feeling a little fatigued in Edinburgh but I am sure you can dig in.

    Good luck and remember to 'Listen To Your Body'
  • I didn't realise I had all these replies, sorry but a massive thank u to everyone for the advice.  I did Manchester on Sunday and I'm listening to your advice resting till Sunday then a short run see how I feel.  I will be tapering as do not to exhaust myself,Furthest I will go is 13 miles 2 weeks before which is 2 weeks after Manchester.

    Fat Buddha how on earth did you manage with a week apart?  That's some going...


    Thanks everyone's xxx



    Thank you 

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