Knee injury and 8 weeks to go until 1st marathon

I need help! I was out of running from October to January as a result of a ligament strain in my foot and now I am back into my training I have been plagued by other injuries, most recently a pain in the underside of my knee that comes and goes every other week. It has held back my running and with 8 weeks to go before my first marathon, I have not been able to accomplish anything like the training I wanted to achieve. I'm topping out at one 6 mile run a week. I am really not sure what to do, I have really built up to this marathon and with everything paid for, I would hate to pull out but I do not want to do my knee further damage or enter the race underprepared. Any advice? 


  • my advice would be: don't do it, you have been injured, are still not properly fit to run and haven't done the training. There are plenty of other marathons for when you are properly recovered and better trained

    it is disappointing and frustrating - the same thing has happened to me, but that is just the way life is sometimes

    if you have paid for a hotel etc, then why not go for a break anyway and watch the marathon or volunteer at an aid station/marshal?


  • To be honest, I think knew that is what needs to happen, I just needed to hear someone else say it. I will look into deferring my entry to next year at the very least when hopefully I will be in better shape. 

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Have you seen a physio? I would have to agree with mathschick's advice but you can at least get on a decent recovery programme for the next event.

    My traing for first marathon had been going great until a couple of weeks ago when I picked up a knee injury. It didn't go away after a week so I went to see a physio. I told him the date of the marathon and he recokned (for me) it was doable but gave me a recovery programme to give me a chance. I had got as a far as the 14/15 mile mark though, and had an inury-free winter so my situation is different.

    Most importantly he demonstrated to me how my strength wasn't as good as it should have been and so, marathon or not, I will hopefully stand a better chance of avoiding injury next time.

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