The Purbeck Marathon 2013

Anyone else registered for this one? It will be my first ever marathon. Not sure how wise a choice it is for a first one but at least I'll have a nice view to look at if it turns into a long walk!


  • I'm not, but am looking to a do an off-road marathon within the next year. Let me know how it goes!

  • Its gonna be tough Matt!
    having said that a friend of mine did this one last year as her first ever marathon and finished in just over 5 hours, so if you are a strong runner anyway as she is its definitely acheivable in a good time.
    Bear in mind it has a 7 hour limit and given the hills you may be doing a bit of walking. Do a lot of training off road, and up hills! Steve Way, who won it, does a lot of training over the purbecks so if you live in or near the area its a good idea to include part of the course in your training.
    I marshalled last year at the 20 mile mark ish (in Corfe) and it has inspired me to enter, but i have no idea whether i will be able to do it or not! Good luck to youimage
    I will be starting serious hill training soon!

  • Luckily Max's Mum, I'm used to the terrain, just not the distance. I've done a half with comparable gain and managed that in 2h25. I'm hoping that by being way more prepared for the marathon than I was for that half, I can manage to get in under five hours. That's the aim anyway!

    I don't live anywhere near the area but I have some really good hills very near to where I live that I intend to do all my training on. I currently mix up my training about half road, half trails but I'll be changing that to about 80 - 90% trail, with perhaps a little bit of speedwork on the road.

    When I first started on the hills, on each run I used to just try to increase the distance I could get up the hill before having to walk. When I first managed the whole hill running (and this was a big hill!) the sense of achievement was amazing. I think the main area I need to work on, other than overall fitness and stamina of course, is downhills.

    Good luck to you too. Hope the hill training goes well.

    P.S. Didn't know about the seven hour limit. Hopefully that won't be an issue!

  • being used to the terrain is half the battle i am sure! sounds like you have hill training under control image
    There is a bit of road work in this event too so its not 100% offroad. I am hoping that underfoot will be dryer in september than recently - I have just done day three only of the Jurassic Coast Challenge this sunday (hats off to all the 3 dayers!) which takes in some of the same course, and I struggled home in a smidgen under 9 hours! sounds dreadfully slow i know but the hills were steep and the mud was deep image
    if it dries up the trail bits will be lovely and a lot faster! image
    like you have done a hilly half previously, but in 2:35 so am hoping that i can make it in under the 7 hours.

    I'm not bad at downhills, getting faster, but still can't turn the brakes off completely like the fell runners recommend. I feel like i will go head over heels if i do, clearly need more practice!

  • It's tough to disengage the brain on those downhills. I can do it for a short while but my brain just won't allow it for too long and I find myself automatically putting the brakes on. Tried to do it on the first downhill of the half I mentioned and ended up on my arse in the mud!

    I should probably forget the five hours target and just aim to get round and hope it's under seven.

  • Just been studying the route (my OCD side coming out) and it looks like there are no really steep hills (eg vertical!) but there are high ones. a good propertion of the course is on roads.
    provided its been dry and you are strong runner you've got a good chance! image

    I'm just going to try and finish!

  • Good luck with it


  • I shall be marshalling again this year Max's Mum probably met you at Corfe I was helping Lorraine

  • Don't suppose it is similar to the Hardy Hike that was in teh area a few years ago? That was 16 hard miles

  • I'm considering this if there's still places left after I stagger across the line at The Giant's Head. Unless that puts me off marathons forever, which I doubt

  • goldbeetle wrote (see)

    I shall be marshalling again this year Max's Mum probably met you at Corfe I was helping Lorraine

    Probly GB! I was in corfe on the far side of the train tracks, just before the water station! Give me a push as i go past I'll probly need it, assuming i get that far i suppose image
    I know i can do the distance but I am not sure if i can do it in under 7 hours!

  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    MM were you on the corner of the field and the road? Did you give me a sandwich?

  • image I was in the corner of the field! yes i believe you had half my sandwich image (and the runners had all my granola tray bake) I think you were hungrier than me though!
    I wonder if the weather will be as nice as last year?

  • Not far off now! Training's not been too bad for me, although I haven't managed as many miles as I would have hoped for various reasons. Anyway, I've just done a 30K training race as a tester and came through that relatively unscathed. I'll do a 14 miler this Sunday, followed by a 20 miler next Sunday and then start my taper. Looking forward to it.

    Must find a hotel!

  • Not sure if I'm looking forward to this, or dreading it.  Training going well, but I don't think I've done enough hills. Doing 20 miles this weekend, then going on holiday, so will have to complete training on the treadmill in the hotel gym. Bring on the taper !

  • H you will be fine its a great race

  • Hotel in Bournemouth booked. Hilly 14 miler (1200 feet of gain) done. Got the big 20 miler on Sunday, which will be done on flatter terrain, then taper. I will be doing a few more hill repeats over the next couple of weeks though.

    Just looked back at my post above from five months ago, where I said I was aiming to go under five hours. Oh that five month younger me, what a naive young fool I was!

    How's everyone elses training going?

  • You will be fine its a great race and you will be pleased to hear they have taken out the hills its all flat......(that might not be true)

  • 20 miler done. Didn't do it on the flat in the end as the route I took had (again) 1200 feet of gain but it was a far more interesting route than a flat one around here would have been and it got me off the road.

    Taper starts now!

  • Just realised I've not had a race number through (or if I have, I've filed it somewhere safe!) Had a look on the website and I can't find any information and the email to confirm entry also doesn't mention it so, has anyone else had a number, or do we pick them up on the day?

  • Matt - Mr Soup is doing this and says you collect numbers on the morning of the race. He hasn't had an email but found the info on the website somewhere.

    See you at the start - I'll be supporting not running! 

  • Thanks Soup Dragon. Looks like I didn't read the website properly!

  • Soup say hello in Corfe castle me and Sister Bad habit are marshalling

  • Hope it cools down a bit for you lot. I live in Corfe and watched some of 'the beast' race runners this morning, half the distance you lot are covering they looked dead on their feet!

  • I have received my number. Getting real now, just hoping the weather cools down a little for us.

  • Just holiday-ed in Purbeck and did quite a bit of running ... not somewhere I'd choose for a marathon. Lovely .... but lumpy!image image

  • Got my number yesterday. It was in an envelope written out in my handwriting, which makes my question at the top of this page a little embarassing!

    Thanks for the encouragement Pele and Dan!

  • Everyone who sent us an SAE should have their numbers now, the others will need to be collected; either from Shore Rd (the seafront) on the Saturday (between 4-7pm) or on race day from the registration desk near to the start. 

    All runners should have had an email with full instructions. If you haven't had one then please let me know on as we do have a few bounces from hard to read email addresses!

    Enjoy your taper week folks...not long now!


  • Well done to all who finished this today, especially those who got caught in the awful rain at the end . Mr soup has it in mind for next year again.

  • It is a pleasure being involved in this event. It is a very tough course but everyone arrived at the finish running and smiling. Looking forward to 2014 already.

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