lower leg pain


I have an intermitant sharp pain a couple of inchs below my knee on the outside of my leg as well as some aching and soreness lower down my leg. It hurts more to point my toes up and to lift and straighten my leg is very painful. I have only been running 4-5 miles once a week for the last month so don't think it's shin splints? Any ideas? I'm meant to be going walking in the lake district over easter and at the moment it hurts to even walk accross the office. image

I noticed people have posted similar sounding things in the past but no one has responded to their threads. So any advice or help would be gratefully received.



  • my advice would be to go and see a physio, who can properly diagnose your problem. We could have a go, but at best we'll be guessing.

  • I know you're right. i just was optimistically looking for a quick fix before i go away.

    Thanks though

  • if you can't get to see a physio, then RICE is a good option.

    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

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