Orthotics and over correction problems

I have been running fairly long distances for about 30 years. 18 months ago, after finding out that I have got a cartilage problem caused by a leg length difference, I had orthotics made. I asked about the type of running shoes I should use but didn't get any advice so I carried on using Asics Kayanos. I realised that one hip was giving me trouble straight away but the physio gave me exercises and I assumed this was all part of getting used to the orthotics. To cut a long story short, the hip problem got worse and I finally went to a really good running shop last weekend and discovered that the Kayanos were over correcting horribly. I am now in shoes with a much lower heel drop and immediately I can run like normal again. Annoyingly I seem to have weakened my calves and the troubled hip over the last 18 months. Any tips for how I can get things back on track as swiftly as possible without causing other problems? ,I have been told i need to take things quite slowly since the change from the Kayanos is quite significant and my new shoes will be working my calves and hamstrings harder. Thanks


  • you should heed the advice about taking it slowly, as your running gait is probably subtly different in these new shoes, so if you've already got an injury you don't want to risk aggravating it.

    the solution is quite boring. take it easy building mileage, do it slowly, and do the actual miles slowly too, not much in the way of interval or tempo running for a little while. continue with the exercises your physio gave you. if the problem persists, go back to your physio.

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