Pubic Rami stress fracture and Ostetis Pubis

i developed a major running injury around 5-6 months ago which was a fractured Sacrum, and fractured left and right Pubic Rami.  Triple whammy.  Two of the fractures no longer give me and pproblems and I assume are healed sufficiently.  But the left Pubic Rami is still sore.  Not an ache, but sore several hours after activity such as cycling or walking.  I have not run yet.  The affected area is right by the Symphasis and I have self diagnosed Ostetis Pubis due to sclerotic healing bone sheering on the Symphasis.  I may well be way off the mark.

Has anyone else been down this road?


  • A few months after completing a marathon I developed what I thought was a groin strain, I rested a few times (2 to 4 weeks) but continued running, in March 2012 I run a half marathon with the aid of anti-inflammatory tablets, could barely walk after it. After visiting several physiotherapists, having orthotics prescribed and seeing a chiro to no avail I was sent for an MRI which indicated ostetis pubis. I am getting the injection in two weeks time but am not encouraged by others as to its effectiveness to cure.

    I have been doing stretching and strengthening exercises for over a year now, I seen a running physio a few weeks ago who had helped loosen the tightness in my groin by laser treatment. I had used cycling and the cross trainer at the gym and sometimes felt pain afterwards, I have been told to shorten any training that causes pain as this is the inflammation flaring up and that will not let the condition heal.

    This physio also advised the stretching excerises are what I want to be doing but to ease off on the strengthening ones I was doing for the same reason. I feel I am slowly getting better, at one point I could barely stand on one leg and trying to adduct or abduct my legs was extremely painful.

    I suspect if I had have known the severity of this injury when it happened and rested and seen the running physio before everyone else I would be running again by now, but who knows. Chiropractor said I have a bulging disc which was the root of the problem, podiatrist said I have flat feet which is the root of the problem.

    So all in all I have just reached two years with this injury and I'm still no closer to resuming running image

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