Ache in my upper leg

I'm a brand new runner and new to the RW forums as well.  I'm on week 5 of C25K (I'm doing the 5K101 programme) and have literally only been running for 5 weeks! I'm thoroughly enjoying it though.

This morning when I was out I did two 8 minute runs followed by 2 minute walks. On the third 8 minute run about 2 minutes into it I started getting an ache in my right leg. It felt like the tightness of leg cramp (but not as sore) and was focussed on the inside of my right thigh and the outside of my right calf. It was an ache, not a pain and I carried on for another couple of minutes, then had a stop and stretch and managed to complete the 8 minute run.

After the run I was stretching and if I held my knee into my chest then released and rotated my leg in a wide circle to the right (sorry I have no idea what that kind of stretch is called, but hopefully that makes some kind of sense!!) that seemed to isolate the ache. It wasn't painful enough to make me stop. It was definitely an aching tightness rather than a pain.

Any ideas what it was? Is it something I need to be wary of? It's not giving me any bother at all now.


Sorry for the ramble. I have no clue on any technical terms! But thanks for your help if you manage to decipher any of that! image 

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