Shoe problem - suggesstions needed

Bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 5 running shoes work £100 after having gait analysis done from a specialist running store and reading reviews online. Having run with them over 40 miles in more than a month (intermittent training due to poor UK weather last couple of months). I find that after running 1.5-2 miles I start to get pain in my feet, arches, shin, calves and back.

Having been frustated with shoes, I picked up my old trainers and started running in them straight after doin 2 miles in these shoes, and it was much better. I still had bit of pain i guess from my previous runs in brooks shoes but it was very mild and not getting any worse when running in old trainers.

Brooks Ghost 5 shoes are for neutral runner, however I tend to slightly overpronate (as told by my friends). Having spent over £100 on these I don't want to bin these with just 40 miles on them. Can anyone please suggest if I can add some support or make it any better by using insoles?

All replies are welcome, thanks in advance.


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