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Hello all,

I'm soon to be in possesion of a certificate which will allow me to buy a bike through cyclescheme. I haven't owned a road bike since childhood so wouldn't mind some help please. My lbs stocks Trek bikes and has the 1.2 at £700 so I based the value of my certificate on this. I won't actually get the certificate until end of April though so have some time to shop around. There are a couple of other bike shops in my area stocking Giant, Felt, Specialized, Pinarello and Bianchi (don't know if all these have bikes in my price range).

If anybody has experience of bikes from these manufacturers at this price I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts. Also, if anybody has used the bike shops in High Wycombe and Amersham too?




  • Decathlon's Triban 3 always gets a great review, at the ridiculously cheap £300.

  • Thanks Dan, I didn't realise Decathlon was on Cyclescheme. I could change my certificate value and save a fair bit or consider the Triban 7.

    Any other opinions?

  • Boardman bikes (halfords) are very well specced for the money. I think they're on cyclescheme? I've had a 'Comp' for a year or so and it's pretty much handled everything I've asked of it.

    If you do go down this route, then unless you get a decent halfords bod putting it together (arguably, a rare event) I would suggest that you inspect it very carefully after collecting it; just to ensure that the brakes work, the forks are on the right way round, they've put round wheels on etc.
  • I dont think Decathlon are on the scheme ...

    The best bike is the one that fits you well
    The bike shop on Amersham High St is quite good (just up from the station)
    There is also 10 Point in Chesham, not sure if they are on the scheme or not
    Check with your employee who should have a list of local shops that they approve to be on the scheme as this can differ

  • Sorry, just checked, halfords is cycle2work, not cyclescheme.
  • Thanks Pudge. I knew Halfords wasn't on the scheme as they were previously the only shop we could use and, as you say, finding somebody with bike knowledge in there is a rare event so I was put off.

    M...eldy, I know fit is king (I've lurked on this forum for a while) but I'm not sure how I'll know when a bike does fit me. I sat on 2 in the shop on Saturday and the first one felt fine but the second, smaller frame, was better. Dee's Cycles (Specialized, nice!) is on the scheme but Amersham Cycles is not. Do you remember which one you used?

    Thanks again for all the replies.

  • I think I have used Dees

    In the original application paperwork or online you should get a list of who is on that particular scheme
    The good thing with using a local bike shop as opposed a high st chain is that you are more likely to get the service that you need.  You wont need know what is right and wrong if you have not had a road bike before which is why you need a shop you can trust
    Be honest with them and they will look after you

  • I use too use dees when I lived in rickmansworth and found the owner a bit of a knob, would ignore me when I shopped for there for some reason and he really couldn't be arsed too talk too me in any detail, needless too say I went else where.... Just was my issue could have been me being younger at the time bu a well paying customer none the less!
  • Thanks Jamie. I'll probably pop in to Dees as they are close to where I work but if I get treated like you then I won't hang around.

  • Specialized Allez is a good choice for an entry level bike
  • M...eldy wrote (see)


    The best bike is the one that fits you well

    Surely you mean the one with the most carbon? Once carbon-maxed, convincing yourself that it fits is child's play.

  • I've got a Giant Defy 3, seems fine to me.  But then I've never had anything else to compare it to.

  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)
    M...eldy wrote (see)


    The best bike is the one that fits you well

    Surely you mean the one with the most carbon? Once carbon-maxed, convincing yourself that it fits is child's play.

    Of course .. and the prettiest colour   image

  • Try and have a look at a kuota korsa lite ? My bro in law has just gone one on c2w ( after I'd convinced him to get a boardman !) and I tell you what it's a really nice bike ! I was dead surprised at the weight and the quality of spec on it , well worth a look ?
  • I've found some chains are better than the local bike shop. Near me is Evans and their service is always exemplary. By contrast the lbs near me range from complete elitist bike snobs looking down their noses at you or conmen. I always do my research but never let on in the shops. I let them hang themselves trying to sell something with better margins/bonus for them. Then I ask a really pertinent question that sends them into a tailspin trying to do a 180!!!

    Look online at spec's, prices, reviews, etc. Ask on specialist bike forums like road cycling UK. Then find where you can buy from and be prepared to spot bad advice. You shld get a feel on whether you can trust the retail assistant even if you don't spot the con.

    Brands like specialized and trek are decent bikes. Trek are overpriced a bit IMHO. Try Scott too. Also consider a cyclocross bike too. If you are not planning on racing that is. They're tougher versions of a road bike with a slightly more upright frame. They're fast but more comfortable if the roads near you are poor. Plus better if you fancy off road on towpaths or even tracks. Spesh tricross is in your price range. Can also take a rack if you want to tour or commute. Or ridley make gd cxers.

    Also look at Ribble bikes. They will do a bike in your range I think. They're supposed to be gd and might be n your scheme.

    Also look at audax bikes. They're better if you plan longer rides or riding in all seasons. They have better clearance for mudguards, take a rack too and more comfortable ride. If you're lucky a local shop might build up their own bikes. One near me does and can build to a price. Also need to be lucky if they do the cyclescheme you're on.

    Gd luck and enjoy your new steed when you get it.
  • If you cold stretch to ??1k then Ribble does a gd carbon framed road bike for that. Or at least they did last time I looked.
  • I went to the Specialized concept store in Ricky I think .... nice store!

  • M...eldy that wasent there when I lived there sadly, however my lbs has a concept store.... I've got a transtion but want a shiv... I just don't have the 5k :/
  • I have a humble Planet X for my race bike but I do have a specialized cross bike and love it

  • Nothing humble about the mighty Planet X Melds great bikes at great prices i have got a cabon pro superlight roadie and a Stealth TT i have ridden a few of mymated high end bikes and none of em really outperform em especially considering the ?????????????? extra they paid image
  • Its all in the engine Max ... even if that is a an old one   image

  • Its not about the bike..............its all about the drugsimage
  • Since when did scoffing mushies make you ride faster, Max?

  • I agree that Specialized Allez is a good buy, I had one for years and it was great.

    Also completely agree that Planet X are superb. I brought a Pro Carbon frame four years ago and built it up with parts from my Specialized and from eBay and I love it image. Would also love one of their TT frames as I don't think they can be matched for value. Complete bikes are a bit more than £700 though and not sure which voucher scheme they operate, if any?



  • Hard to beat the spec and price of a specilaized and if you hunt around you may still get a good deal on a model form a previous year if the current colour does not bother you, cyclesuk are worth checking out.

  • Thanks again for all the replies guys.

    Ribble bikes look great value but I need help with fitting the right bike for me so will have to pass this time. Planet X look like they're out of the cyclesheme price bracket. Cyclesuk don't have any shops near me and they look like they've got their own version of the cycle to work scheme.

    I'm not sure about cyclo cross bikes either. The roads I'll be on can be pretty rough but I am thinking about racing on it and I have a mtb for paths, etc.

    I will definitely look at the Specialized bikes. Is it just the Allez which is good for the money or are the next ones up (Secteur, Allez Sport) worth the extra?

  • My mate has a Cube again excellent bike and great vFM as she got last years model
  • I got the Triban 5 from Decath on the cyclescheme - Carbon forks and stays, but sora gears for £499



  • 9sqrun - did you look at the Triban 3: do you think the extra £200 is justified?


  • DE - the 3 had normal pedals with cages and I wanted clipless (which come with the bike anyway), I also got the helmet and shoes as this was my first grown up bike..... now om the lookout for a pair of legs to get me up the hills!

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