Another cancelled event

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Hi guys I am another one of your dreaded newbies. I am training for a ironman in 2014 and thought I would do a few short triathlons this year to get me into things. However the first three events I have entered have all been cancelled is this because no one wants to race with me? I am quite nice I would like to race at some point soon, so if any one has heard of any off road races this spring that aren't cancelled please let me know. Thanks Matt


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  • That's to encourage you to do it the way others have and have your IM as your very first triathlonimage . Not me I hasten to add - no IMs either with or without triathlons beforehand image
  • My first full tri was ironman. Shorter ones are so different that I'm not sure it helps that much. Try not to worry. Summer is coming......
  • Off road? Have you looked at the Long Distance Walking association - they have challenge walks, and in our region, the club runners run them. They're great - dead cheap, with proper food at the feedstations, and you feel really fit because most people are slower than you image

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