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Hi there, first post here so please be gentle! I have been running for about 5 years doing various races mainly 10k to half marathon max but not achieving what I would call memorable times After a few injuries I have been sticking to doing shorter distances training wise but feel lately I have plateaued and am not getting any faster or the run is not feeling any easier! My typical week is 4 x 5 mile runs on the road doing about a 7:20-7:30 min mile and then 40 minutes of hill sprints with a rest day for good order I did a 6 mile run today in 45 minutes but felt pretty tired at the end of it and left me wondering what I could do to build up my stamina and speed, would love to be able to get a low 40 min 10k time and a decent haf marathon time this year Any help much appreciated


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    Hi, you seem to be doing all your runs at the same speed and distance. I used to do that and also wondered why I wasn't getting anywhere.

    You can build stamina by doing more long slow runs and limiting the speed stuff to a couple of sessions a week.

    Odd as it may seem but during marathon training I have smashed my 5k PB by 45 seconds this year. The main difference in my training had been more slow miles and only 1 interval session and 1 tempo session a week.
  • If you can get in 4 runs, try and get in one of each the following;

    If you keep doing the same nothing will change. Also remeber to throttle back in the long run and sometimes the tempo run.


    1. Hills (doesn't need to be sprints, hard repeats and constant pace are needed too)
    2. Speed (Intervals / Fartlek / pyramid)
    3. Tempo
    4. Long run
  • Getting the absolute best out of yourself as a runner is a long old process image You need to build aerobic fitness, endurance, speed and speed endurance; if you're carrying a few excess pounds, losing the lard makes a big difference too!

    Have a google for the Hadd Method, where (initially) training more slowly makes you faster. It's counter-intuitive, but it works. (remember if you read discussions about it, people focus on the slow running part, not the subsequent harder runs and speedwork...)

    As an 'athlete' of mature years and middling ability, I've taken huge chunks out of my 13.1 and 20 mile PBs this year by Hadd training and weight loss (and most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed it)

    The most important question is always 'how seriously do you want to take it?' Have a look on the training forum to find some really dedicated and talented people who are trying to wring out every last drop of their natural abilities; have a look on beginners, to find people who would love to be able to run a 5k in your 6 mile time, then decide on your level of short- and long-term commitment.

  • Thanks a lot for the advice,

    For the tempo and long run what minute mile should I be aiming to do / distance?

    Hills I've got covered but yes think I will put in some fartlek starting next week
  • Have come up ith the following plan what do you think?

    Monday - 4-5 mile easy (slow) - 40 min run

    Tuesday - 3 x 5 mins fast, with 5-min jog recoveries

    Wednesday - 6 mile comfortable pace 7:30 minute mile

    Thursday - 5 mile easy + 6 x 150 m sprints

    Friday - rest day

    Saturday - hill sprints

    Sunday - long easy.
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