Bleep Test

Has anyone done a bleep test lately?

I did one a few months after taking up running and managed level 9. Then 6 months on I made 11, a further 6 months and I was up to zero shuttles at level 12.

Now after 9 months training since my last test I did another one a couple of days back and I really struggled to make exactly the same level as last time. My general speed has increased a bit (based on 10k pace and other measured routes). But does this mean by VO2 max has just peaked for the moment? I was marathon training until late September so all the long slow training may have led to a loss of pace and fitness.

So what level on the 20m bleep test can everyone else get?


  • are you doing any specific training for it?
  • I have heard about the bleep test but must confess I have no idea what it is or how you go about testing yourself. But I would imagine if you have been doing lots of long steady runs for marathon training it would affect pace over shorter distances.
  • i HATE! the bleep test! lol. its not really the best test anyway if your a distance runner - maybe all the stopping and starting doesnt suit you, or you overheat indoors or something? Why don't you try the cooper test instead - its much better as test for runners. All you do is time how long it takes you to run one and a half mile - you can work out your VO2 max, etc from your time :) The bleep test isn't so good for endurance runners because of all the stopping and starting - your body won't be used to it if you train over long distances
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