Barcelona Marathon 2014



  • ooh great......see you there


  • We had our photo taken under the ark de triomph in paris, where will we have it taken in barcelona?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ill ask a friend who ran barcelona last year about where to have the picture taken. Placa espana would be memorable but might be too crowded?

  • Hi everyone I have signed up - got my flights and accomadation sorted!!!

    Emmy - not surprised to see you hereimage (well see as you started the thread double not surprised!!!)

  • 6 from my club have entered - flights sorted, but I don't think the accommodation has been yet. Should be a great weekend! I've decided that I'll try and follow a plan for this one - the 12 week (Nerurkar) one which seems to suit would see me starting Christmas week, so it may have to be an 11 week plan!?

  • i need to ask my club now what they want to do as i am now free that weekend


  • I'll be running this too. It will be my second marathon! I ran the first one in Milton Keynes, 2012, with a time of 4h 43 min. Hopefully this time will be able to shave some minutes, but I don't worry much about it. I'll go there to enjoy and be with my family image


    "where will we have it taken in barcelona?" You can take the pic under our triumphal arch, 'Arc del Triomf', which is right after you come out of the Arc del Triomf Metro station. That's how it looks like:


  • It looks like a good place to meimage .How far is it from the start.

  • I just signed up for Barcelona 2014 and can't wait! I was waiting to see if I got a place in London through the ballot but once again a big fat NO.

    I've done something a little crazy though...Barcelona will be my marathon number 6 and then I'm running Rome marathon one week later as marathon number 7 image

    I was looking for a new challenge and certainly found one!

    There is nothing like running a marathon abroad as it's just one big sightseeing tour image

  • Lyndyk - allow me to introduce you to Emmy, a woman for whom a whole week between marathons is a positive luxury image.

  • Hi Lyndyk welcome to the barcelona marathon,have you run abrod before.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Where is the quote option for this thread?... hmm..

    Lyndyk - Welcome! image I love doing weekends for marathonsimage I've heard great things about Rome.

    How is everyone doing with their training? What training plans are people doing? Is there anyone else doing P&D?

  • I'm here.... So what I miss? I'll need some help with hotel choices as I'm rubbish at that and appreciate any good suggestions with where to stay. Travel is going to be booked end of this month aswell. 

    Never been to barca, so good way to sight see over 26.2!

  • I've decided I'm going to train properly for this one given that it is my 1st overseas marathon (I don't count the Anglesey marathon as overseas although, I guess, it strictly is!?). Have decided to follow ((with a large degree of flexibility) a 12 week Nerurkar plan. One drawback re this plan is that, according my rough calculations, it has me starting the plan in Christmas week - me thinks it will be an 11 week plan after all!?

  • Emmy - I have just bought the P&D book. Its very very good, and a step up from Jack daniels book which is also very good, but P&D is very focused on Marathons.

    I did Rome and its pretty good. nice sights and good support, but cobbles are unpleasent.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Slinkz - I've been told to look at air bnb/ for good options. We're staying near Placa de Espana (right on the start/finish) and basing everything around there. There's a great metro in Barcelona so you shouldnt have too many issues getting around. Ours was also quite cheap in comparison to what I was paying a few months ago in the city.

    If you're looking for quiet - avoid las ramblas as it's quite noisy (even at 3am).

    John - 11weeks does sound short - what are the starting distances?

    Wenty - I'm a huge fan of the P&D book although I actually started running my marathons with the Shades plan from here image I still struggle to run at different paces throughout my training runs.

  • Yes I find it hard to run at different paces as i find it comfortable to run at a reasonably quick pace, but that means you cant rack the miles up so really need to slow some of my runs down, and concentrate on 2 harder runs a week as per P&D training plans.

    I'm staying near the start as well - about 1-2km down the road to the east of Placa de espana

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    We'll need to arrange a meet up closer to the time image It's one reason that I looked into the P&D plans.

  • I'll look out for you in 2 weeks in Amsterdam!

  • Thanks for the heads up Emmy, I'll have a look around that area. Hopefully see you & others in Amsterdam in a few weeks as well!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Slinkz - We'll have to make the arrangements for a meet up in Amsterdam!

  • Re the Nerurkar 12 week plan - it starts with a 14 miler in week 1. I've looked at the various plans and the Nerurkar was the best suited to my circumstances. I've got the Snowdonia marathon in 3 weeks time, so I feel 12 weeks is more than sufficient - I think 16 weeks would be too long

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    John - That does sound like it's starting at quite an intermediate stage but if it works for you and you're already up to that distance - that's fantastic. I agree most 12 week plans are good if you're already running quite regularly and have some mileage in your legs.

  • Longer trainng plan is normally better as it conditions better, and you can make allowances for illness, injury and the like - with only 3 month plan - 2or 3 weeks tapering and that is only just under 2 months!

    But saying that my training plan for Amsterdam this year is only about 6/7 weeks so I can't speak. Will start my 18 week plan though in mid December for VLM

  • Horses for courses I guess - with a decent base fitness level 12 weeks with more specific sessions would suit me better - I looked at the P&D book, but given work & family commitments it was a definite non starter. Just getting mu mileage up over the 30mpw again now - perhaps a bit late for Snowdonia in just under 3 weeks, but hoping to carry it on to the start of the 12 week countdown to Barcelona, which will be my 15th marathon

  • def Horses for courses! I agree that 12 weeks is more than enough to complete a marathon with good results. Reading the P&D book makes me realise that I really need more longer runs with some MP but you cant do these every week and 12 weeks probably is not enough for me to get enough long runs to run to my potential.

    However i have had good results in the past on very low training weeks (low 3hr's), and my weekly mileage is similar to yours. Totally agree with work and family commitments, its the biggest limiting factor (well apart from talent of course)

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think a training plan is very personal to each runner and their situation. I think if you're already running a fair distance and have the experience in your legs - then you can get away with a lot more whereas if you're trying to rush into things or try to do something too soon - your body will tell you.

    I found Intervals and running at faster than marathon pace really helped my speed.

  • If I recall, the P&D had mid week long'ish runs (1hr+) which seemed quite fundamental to the plan but which I just couldn't fit in - I sometimes run during my lunch hour midweek or if I am on the way back from a clients (my car boot is full of kit!). My longer runs are virtually all done 1st thing in the morning at the weekend - out of the house at about 6am and back before my wife & kids get up!! As the weeks progress I will throw more miles at target marathon pace in the 2nd half of the long runs

  • John, I am in the same boat - I only run 1st thing saturday morning while everyone is still asleep or at work early morning or lunchtimes. Yes mid week long runs are part of the P&D plan, but last year i did all my running in lunch hours - even my long runs !!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Wenty - How on earth did you manage that? I'm also an early morning runner but thats more due to the dog needing a run before it gets too hot than anything else!

    I struggle to run in the late afternoon/evenings so mornings just make the most sense.

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