Barcelona Marathon 2014



  • Hi all, I've not heard back from the website about anything, but I'm logged in, so I guess that's okay and they will be asking for Doc cert soon enough. 


    I just said to my is only 3.5hours away and we can drive, and take our dogs.  He was okay with that... image

    Getting back into training after a serious chest infection, two weeks out - BAD!!  but going okay and hope (of all hopes) to get 10+km's done on Sunday.

    Enjoy your runs at the weekend. 


    Emmy - are you marathoning this weekend?


  • They don't need a med cert, do they? I entered this one partly on the basis that it's not in France and therefore there wouldn't be any of that kind of nonsense image.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Onetit - where did you read about the cert?... i thought that no cert was required but will check later on if i can get back to the internet image

    I will be running this weekend. Frankfurt for me... I hear that RR will be up in the hills running Beachy Head (*psst*... i've heard shes crazy...*psst*)

  • Even Emmy thinks I'm crazy - my work here is doneimage.

    Yes, 26.2 miles of hills and mud. I'm going out after work to buy a hip flask. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    RR - You should have told me - i would have passed over my hip flask for this weekend. Talking of crazy.. I was looking at the CTS Sussex in March next year but its over 100quid and the elevation profile looks even more brutal than Beachy.

  • As this forum seems to be full of Paris marathoners thought I'd pop on and introduce myself. Ran Paris this year which was marathon number 13 and should have done Loch Ness but an achilles injury picked up soon after Paris put paid to that. All seems ok now, touch wood, and hope to get off that number 13 in Barcelona.

    Medical Certificate?? image

  • I didn't see any reference to a medical certificate being required

    Snowdonia on Saturday, where terrain and weather likely to be a lot different to Barcelona. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    John - i'd be interested to hear what you say about Snowdonia... it's on my bucket list!

    I cant see any mention to medical certificates on the website (even translating the spanish version!) so i think we're safe

  • Good luck in Frankfurt Emmy. I was seriously considering running there and was all set to register until a problem at work cropped up. I'm now green with envy. Have a great run and that applies to John in Snowdonia too.

    I ran the Brum half in 1 47 last weekend. It was brilliantly organised by the Great Run team - quite hilly, but nothing like Snowdonia I'm sure. Now its back to training for the Conwy half in North Wales next month followed by months of hard slog for Barca.

  • Hi Emmy, et al.  Good luck in Frankfurt & good luck to the Snowdonia runners too.

    My 3 day per week programme is going to look something like this;

    However, I will start immediately (I can do 10 miles quite easily already) and actually will make some changes.  I'm doing a RunCamp ( until mid January which tends to knacker me out for a day or 2, so I think I will be doing that, a 3-8 mile run on a Thursday, ParkRun on a Saturday and then a longer run on Sundays - Basically I'm making it up as I go along, but am really conscious of not over training.  Once RunCamp finishes then I will build in the speed sessions, which currently are pretty much covered by ParkRun anyway.


    As I mentioned above, I also do a reasonable amount of cycling (50 - 100 miles per week), a couple of hours of spinning and swim once or twice a week.  My aim is do exercise 13 days in every 2 weeks, but to avoid overdoing any particular exercise - particularly running because of the impact injury risk


    I can't see any reference to a medical certificate, unless you want to back out at short notice, then you need one to get some of your entry fee back


    I'm going to try and load a photo in a minute, hopefully the one of me tripping over the timing mat on the finish line at Vienna and looking a complete t1t!

  • Roger that's my local race. I'll see you there, have you run it before?

    I did Abingdon last week went as well as expected, I've decided to use this one as a training run and go for it in London so will be pacing a club mate round.
  • Emmy - the Snowdonia marathon is a brilliant event - easily my favourite marathon (7th consecutive one for me tomorrow)

  • Hi all I have run the snowdonia marathon 4 times it is very seenick and the weather is so unpridicktable.I have also run london,paris.and dublin.Dublin is a fast coures,but paris is a nice place to run.I hope Barcelona is as nice parisimage .

  • My legs are not thanking me this morning for putting them through yesterday's Snowdonia Marathon - in particular the 2.5+ mile climb from mile 22 (cramping hamstrings) and the subsequent steep descent to the finish (cramping calves). A bit of down time now before starting on some proper training for Barcelona!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well done John! I've heard Snowdonia is "an experience". I think i've signed myself to do beachy next year... not sure how that happened?image

    I spoke to the Barcelona rep at the Frankfurt expo and she confirmed that no medical certificate is required. She also took me around the course and said that we'll have a great time and the medal will be something special.

    Frankfurt was great! Shocking weather but a lovely day out image Had a really great time.

  • Well done John on another successful Snowdonia. Did it last year. Hardest mara I've ever done and we had really good weather. Said I wouldn't do it again but having watched the highlights last night am very tempted....

    Well done Emmy. Frankfurt's another marathon that lots of people recommend. Don't know how I'm going to fit them all in. Just concentrate on Barcelona for now. Will be, as close as possible, following a P&D schedule but with one of the recovery runs spent on the sofa image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Goldeagle - I'd definitely recommend it over Berlin. It has everything great that Berlin has without the negatives. Super organisation, expo was easy to get through, not crowded at all on the course, plenty of refreshments (and variety), fantastic support 95% of the way around.

    If you were to ask me: Frankfurt or Berlin - it'd be no contest.

  • Your view wold appear to have been shared by a large number of (top) Brits who ran in Frankfurt yesterday - on of the top Welsh runners clocked just under 2h21m. For me, though, I will do Snowdonia every year until my legs/body says otherwise, which, I guess, means that I wouldn't look at another autumn marathon

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    John - I'd never put myself in their league as i'm just a humble back of the pack runner but I really enjoyed it. The organisers really do have it down to a tee and it'd be a shame to increase the participants numbers further as it'd just be "another" Berlin.

  • Gone a bit mad at weekend, not only registered for Barcelona, booked flights and hotel, I also registered for the midnight sun marathon in June. Has anyone done this one before?

  • Well done Philip2, I've registered, got my flights booked and most importantly got my tickets for FC Barcelona v Osasuna on the Sunday evening - they are selling out fast at the moment.  Accomodation comes next, always torn between somewhere close to the centre, close to the start, or within crawling distance of the finish ...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Philip - Midnight sun is on my bucket list but the cost of the entire weekend is the one thing that puts me off. Eating/sleeping in Norway tends to be rather expensive. Can you let me know how you get on?

    @Matt - Someone wrote back saying that the metro is great on race day so you dont necessarily need to be that close.. personally we've chosen to be within stumbling distance of the start/ finish to be able to shower quickly and get back outside to drink sangria image Last year when I visited Barcelona we stayed on Parallel and it was great for moving around and was within walking distance of Las Ramblas and the other major hotspots.

  • I'm staying away from Las Ramblas and all that; close to Poblenou beach image.  First time we went to Barcelona, we staying just off Las R and didn't get a wink of sleep - spent the first morning of our trip trying to buy earplugs!  Lessons were learnt, and the metro system is marvellous

  • Matt - thanks for the reminder re the football on the Sunday night - will definitely have to look into that!!

  • @emmy, re cert. I am just assuming, so if one isn't needed then that's great.  I don't have to get to the doc and pay out 25 euros.

    Well done on Frankfurt. 


    I'm getting back into the trainers, and will be starting schedule over Christmas - how good is that???  but I'm up to nearly 10k without that gasping feeling now - so that's good.


    Did someone mention FOOTBALL....are we talking Barca - I think they may well be playing on the Sunday after the mara - if so I AM IN.....that would round off my perfect weekend.

     how do I get tickets - that don't cost the earth??? 



  • Keggy, Same thing happened to us last year at Las Ramblas, 6:00am when everyone went to bed then had to run a marathon, this year we're stopping in a nice quiet neighberhood.image

    Emmy, Norway looks expensive but i'll let you know how I get on.

    Matt, You'll get to run around the stadium Sunday morning, and while it doesn't look much from the outside, the inside is amazing.

  • Hi Martin, No I havent run Conwy before but I've had weekend breaks in the Llandudno area a few times so really looking forward to it. How uphill is the Great Orme stretch? I don't mind the odd hill but I know how it can blow up there. Hopefully see you on the day for a chinwag.

    Congratulations to last weekend's runners. I saw a bit of live streaming from Frankfurt and it looked incredibly windswept. God knows what it was like in Snowdonia. I ran about 11 miles in training in the West Mids and there was barely a breeze.

    Booked flights and hotel for Barcelona - flying out first thing Sat morning from Heathrow  and coming back late Monday evening. Staying in the Eixample district on the Gran Via wherever that maybe!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Roger - It was windswept and the rain didnt help much! Especially along the bridges. It was a lovely day out.

    If I remember correctly - Gran Via is quite a nice area of Barcelona to stay in image

  • Hi All

    OneTit and John, I ordered my tickets on the official site, about 1/2 way down on RHS it has a list of upcoming fixtures and underneath 'all fixtures', click on this and choose Osasuna on 16th March, it then takes you to a stadium plan and you can choose your seats.  They are fairly expensive, but it is Barcelona and you will just have completed the marathon.

    One point to note, the date isn't confirmed yet, if Barcelona are playing in the Champions League on the Tuesday after (probably a 25% chance, as there are 2 weeks the Champions League 1/4 finals could be played and they could play on Tuesday or Wednesday), then the game would probably be moved to the Saturday.  The week will be confirmed in December, but the Tuesday or Wednesday not until much closer.  They will sell out, so I took the chance and will still go if it's on the Saturday.

    You can either print your tickets at home or pick them up from stadium, I went for the pick up option

  • Great, I've been on and looks good, and have sent the link to my hubby with a note


    Wish List for Christmas - but buy them now...! image

    Assume it's Sat afternoon if they play then?  and Sunday night if not.  Not sure I could do a Sat night game - I need to get to bed very early before a marathon.


    It's somewhere I've always wanted to go to.  My team are going ok in the Champs League at the moment and had a cracker of a win against the Arsenal last night...yeah!!

    Just been out for a nice 5.5k jog, so it's all coming back to me now...won't be long till that schedule starts.

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