Nike Vomero+ 7

Anyone run in Vomero's? Having used v3 onwards without issue, Vomero is my prefered running shoe however, I notice Nike have made changes to the sole in their latest v7 - they now look like those platform soles from the 70's!

Do you find any difference in running between v6 and v7?



  • Didn't run in the V6, but my observation is that the V7 feel wrong at first compared to the V3, and then come into their own once you start racking up the miles in them and they soften up.

    Definitely not the great first impression I got from the V1 and V3, but I'm happy with them now.

    They're stiffer at the back than the V3, but so far I'm not feeling any drawbacks from that.


  • I have owned v4,5 & 6 which have found very comfortable and no issues with. Have run in many races.

    Bought a pair of 7's at Christmas and really do not like the new version.  The sole is not as cushioned as previous models.  In fact so disappointed with them they have now been designated gym trainers.  I am looking at other brands or v6 as wont be purchasing any more 7's.

  • On the V7, the cushioning is definitely less pillowy at first, but now they've been through 30+ miles, mine are good and soft now.

    Ideally they'd go back to the V3 and update from there. That was a superb shoe.

  • Thanks for the comments. Prefer the high cushioned feel of Vomero's and they've never given me any trouble but somehow the v7 soles just don't look right. I'll give them a miss then.

    2nd best on my list of shoes (for marathon distance) was Nimbus from Asics but like so many others they've priced me out of the market. Asics Landreth comes a close 3rd, will probably go with those again.

    PS interesting cooments re: v3. Have only used 1 pair of v6's but for me at least, they're not nearly as good or hard wearing as earlier versions - cushioning has completely gone after only 200 miles!



  • I have read that Pegasus 29 has been softened up compared to earlier versions and thereby reminds more of the earlier Vomero. May be worth checking out. Pegasus 29 is 55 quid from Sports Direct at the moment btw.


  • Thanks for that. Tried previous versions of Pegasus but always found the heal strike pretty solid for my running style. No problem for me over shorter distance but not up to anything over an hour. Incidentally, haven't the latest Pegasus also gone over to this new platform type sole?

    To my untrained eye this latest sole design fad looks as if it must have some form of support, I can't see how your foot is free to role. And there lies my problem - I need a 100% neutral shoe. eg Brooks Glycern (v8 at least) is advertised as neutral. The cushioning is great, it's a superbly comfortable shoe, but I swear they have a tad of support because after only a few miles I feel shin splints starting. I'm pretty sure it's to do with the sole design. Or rather the design of my feet - Lol


  • I tried the Pegasus, and I don't get where the Vomero-like observations are coming from. They're nowhere near that sort of ride.
  • This is where I read it (note the comments):

    It seems that I mixed things up a bit. They said that the new Vomero reminds of the earlier versions of the Pegasus, not the other way. However, the latest version of the Pegasus is described as softer than the latest version of the Vomero.

  • That's definitely not true in my experience. I'd heard that discussed, and tried the Pegasus, and it was a considerably firmer shoe.

    Not to say it's a firm shoe, but it's nowhere near as soft as the Vomero, even in the 7's initially harder feel than Vomero wearers would be accustomed to.
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