Saltash Half

Am booking in a few half marathons for this year into my calender and have come across the Saltash Half which I'm considering. My folks live 15 minutes away so easy to combine a race with a visit. Obviously it's a hilly course and I've done a couple of hilly halfs before (both with exactly the same finish time of 1.56) but wondered if this might take it to the next level!

I did the Blackmore Vale Half at the start of this year (Sherborne, north Dorset) which also has a reputation for being a very hilly half and is known as the Half with the Hill Finish, which was very tough but still managed 1hr 56 finish. Just wondered on the off chance whether anyone had done the race and had any thoughts on it? Couldn't see an elevation map anywhere (although that migth completely put me off!)



  • I was wondering the same - race info says one of the toughest halfs in the UK but the elevation gain/loss is only 1184ft - I did the Tavy 13 last weekend and my Garmin shows that as elevation gain/loss 950ft - and it wasn't that - bad - it was hilly but not horrendously so.  So if I am reading that right there is an extra 200ft but one of the hilliest in UK?  Not sure!

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    I haven't done this half, but you can find profiles if you search on Garmin Connect.

    I.E., Go to the website, click on Explore-Courses, type in the dates of the last race, keyword and location and you see a list of profiles.

    Presuming it's the same course as last year, here's one at random.

  • Lol - I never though of looking on Gramin Connect, even though I use it for all my runs... Thanks very much for the help!

  • I'm contemplating entering this tomorrow, to follow on from Tavy 13 last Sunday too, TorquayRunner. Then the Bideford 10k the following week
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