Ingrown toenail, get sorted few days before big LSR for marathon or sort after

Ive got my 22 mile run sunday for london marathon training. I have an ingrowing toenail im getting sorted, i have an appointment for next tuesday but wondered if i get it done this week before it might affect me sunday.

Its not painful so to speak, maybe the odd time, but im aware its there and it needs sorting. The chiropidist is sorting it next week but not sure if to get it done today, only thing is last time i did it myself on a friday and i could not run on my forefoot like i do on the sunday, this meant i ran flat footed and caused severe bruising in my metatarsels which last for a few weeks so dont wnat to risk doing it again.

Anyone had theres sorted if so how long was it uncomfortable for afterwards?



  • Err haven't you answered your own question ?
  • He has Dave - wait until afterwards.

  • Or cut your toe off, if that fails cut your foot off
  • Mark, having read this and some of your other posts, I would say you are a bit of a worrier?

    Get you run done, get your nail done, and then try to get through the next 3 weeks wikth a bit of deep breathing. Beware of Taper madness striking
  • When I had an ingrowing toenail (before I started running), I used to make a pad of tissue a little bit larger than the visible bit of my toenail, and tape it to my toe so that the skin at the edges are pushed outwards slightly. It relieved the pressue considerably. But I'm not a chiropodist: I'd speak to them.

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