Trail Trainers For Running The Sandstone Trail (34 mile trail)

Hi, I am looking at buying some new trail trainers for the running the sandstone trail. This run is a mixture of surfaces from mud, hills, forest path, little road, but mainly fields and trails paths. I have adidas kanadia but they hurt my toes. Ideally I want a trainer that grips well and is cushioned enough for me to run for 6 hours. Please help???


  • Bigger kanadias ? They do come up small ?
  • Yeah thought that but was thinking of a better alternative.

  • Kanadia are pretty cheap. I've used mine for 22mile road runs - but not on the Sandstone Trail - I'd have thought they'd do pretty well though. Do you get to stop at Summertrees Cafe on the way ? Cracking cakes.
  • Think there will be plenty of stopping to throw up.ha
  • I've used both Roclite 295 and NB101 I think, both fine. Comfort first, grip isn't a massive issue (finishing might be my main problem this year...)

    There's all manner of cake stops coogie image

  • i've used Adidas Adizero XT3's. Like the kanadia, they come up very small so i have a 12 where I'm 11 in a shoe. very good grip, very light. Cushioned enough, but you shouldn't worry too much about cushioning if it's mostly trail.

  • What about the new Salomon sense mantras!!!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I've run the whole trail in Asics Gel Attacks in the first revival of the event, they were fine. Really thick mud, they slide about, but then again I've run the October A race in road shoes in rain and been OK.
  • What shoes did you go with? image

  • Innov8 Trailrock 255


  • I have pair of original pure grit which are very comfy but only good if it stays dry, have a pair of those sense mantra that RMc mentions on order, really hoping they will be as good as the hype and I will use them for the SVP100 in September.

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