Terrible knee pain after 22 mile run - vlm looming!

Hi all, Am running vlm my first one, training has gone well, my last 5 LSR have been the following:- 18,18, 20,20 and yesterday 22.

Saturday I did fartlek training of 7 miles on the road, my groin felt tight nothing else, saw a sports therapist Monday night she thought it was my back - gave me a massage said I was ok to run.

Tuesday I set off, after 5 miles my groin felt tight, I ran on by mile 16 my groin pain had been replaced by knee pain, that got worse and worse I managed to run 22 miles but if I'm honest the pain was grim - today I can hardly bend/swing my knee, I'm getting a stabbing pain where the spongy bit is, (when you bend your knee, the outside of the kneecap at the bottom, where you can feel a spongy/holey bit) there's no swelling or bruising. I've not had any problems on my previous lsr's.

Am seeing a physio in the morning but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Am feeling really distressed and anxious at the thought of missing the marathon after training so hard.




  • TBH just sounds like hte affects of a long run. Ive never done a long run and not had some sort of pain or issue, day or so rest cures it. Im doing the VLM too and have done similar lsr like you and ecah time ive had knee pain, also ive had groin strains too, maybe just a result of the traiing being stepped up, we are doing a lot of miles remember.

  • I'm no expert and no idea what causes your issues but I would say in future if you get pain like this then don't carry on. you had a warning which was resolved with some massage but then you attempted another LSR and kept going when the warning lights came on again, and kept going for another 6 miles when the pain was 'grim'!

    Hopefully it will resolve but damage from that run may well far outstrip the benefits of another long run when you already had the training in the bank.
  • by the way not sure what time you are aiming for but I have done 2x17, 1x20 and 1x19 and have no intention of doing a 22!

    Listen to your body now and hope the taper gives enough time to repair and recover.

    Good Luck - all the above sounded like a tell off didn't it? Sorry !!
  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Katy, when I think back to the first few long runs I did, I am pretty sure I was aching, tired, fed up ...... and there was always something not working quite right the next day. You are training yourself to do these sorts of distances, and the body needs time to adapt. Rest up from the 22miler, and a physio appointment won't hurt. Most likely you have some very tight muscles not funtioning 100% and you are getting a bit imbalanced. The good new is that you have 3 weeks to focus on loosening yourself up as you have now gone past the peak training load.

  • Thanks for all your replies!

    Saw a physio and he said I have very tight hip fexor and weak medial glutes, which has caused my tight groin and affected my knee.

    Have exercises to do he said I could try a 5 mile run today - well managed 2 miles pain was too bad to run on feeling totally peed off and sad today! I obviously need to rest much more.

    Camlo you are right I should have stopped at 16 miles, thinking back it was so stupid and stubborn of me to continue I just had in my head 'must run through pain and do 22' totally stupid mentality am/was aiming for sub 3:30 but now I'll be lucky to get to the start! p.s. I like a good telling off us runners need it sometimes!!!

    Alsorun, thanks I keep hoping that 3 weeks it can all loosen up and with the exercises ill get there!

    Physio seemed to think that I could still run london guess Its just a waiting game now. Keep everything crossed for me!!


  • I have got a similar sort of pain starting also training for my first vlm and just read your post did my 23 miler last week so on slow taper now.i did a 9 mile run today with 4 decent hill mine seems to flare up on the hills but not as bad as yours so sounds like a warning gonna let it settle down and do some small runs with no hills

    Hope you make it to the start line just rest image
  • I have a Very similar complaint as yourself, really painful after 20 mile run on Sunday. Also doing London and decided to just take a complete week of rest and my knee has improved greatly. Going to rest until this Sunday then try 6-7 gentle miles and that's the way it will be until marathon day. Too close to do anything silly. I have 2x 20 miles, 1x 19 miles, 1x 18.5 miles and a few runs between 13-17 miles under my belt so the hard stuff has been done.
  • I got quite a few big runs under my belt sounds like we are all falling apart lol
  • My knee starting playing up in exactly the same spot whilst training for a recent marathon.  I ran through the pain for the last few weeks of training and then completed it with the aid of painkillers.  Big mistake.  Has since been diagnosed as a medial meniscus tear.  This was just over 2 months ago and I haven't ran since.  I don't wish to scaremonger, but I'm paying for not stopping, and wish I'd heeded some advice I once read - a few days or even weeks off now you won't remember, but a serious problem causing months out and endless rehab you will.  Good luck, hope it turns out to be nothing more than needing to back off a bit.

  • Well I'm gett a sports massage and having next week off rest and off to see a pyhisio just getting it sorted before it gets to where it stops me running
  • Oh dear yes does sound like we are all falling apart especially frustrating after training for so long and in the most horrendous of weather!!!

    Bradders and bigeater:- glad you are both being sensible and have eased off - good luck to you both!

    Chilli72:- that sounds like a nasty injury, can I just ask what are your symptoms? And how did you feel running your marathon? You must be cheesed right off, wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Have just been out in my bike and feel no pain in my knee going to rest from running until next tues at least. Damn Knee!
  • well done Katy, cycling will still give you a cardio workout without the impact on your body.

    I stuffed my 1st mara because I was religiously stuck to my schedule and ran in pain aggravating ITB in my knee. Training then binned and went from aiming for sub 4 to get me round..... since then I listen to warnings and back off when in doubt!

    I am sure some aches/ tightness/ heavyness is general fatigue and hence ok but actual pain is never a good sign.

    Good luck folks- hope it all comes good!
  • Katy - symptons started as slight pain in knee after a run one day, which I could run through as it wasn't that much.  More I ran though the more painful it got, just inside the knee cap to the left side of right knee.  It has never swelled but does burn inside.  At one point I couldn't put my foot down and running downhill made it much worse, hence initial diagnosis was ITB.  After weeks of trying to 'lengthen' the ITB with massage, roller and stretches, physio decided to request MRI.  That's when tear and prepatellar bursitis were discovered.   The marathon was horrible, the pain was intense from mile 18 or so and I really should have stopped!  No doubt I've made it much worse and am now paying the price.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I think you have discovered why the vast majority of runners don't really train for marathons. Too risky.

    Once we've knackered ourselves out a few times preparing for the distance the common solution is to train normally but just once in a while run a really long way.

  • totally in the same boat and now worrying!!!!Last long run yesterday and after 17 miles my glute pain resulted in chronic knee pain! Have iced and using ibuprofen.......but pain walking .... and i think the roller made it worse! Katy, how is the knee now????! Have been on  sofa all day..praying its all ok for 21st......

  • I took a full week off since having the pain and it has helped massively. I haven't been back up to the 20+ miles so it might return on marathon day but I've did 14 miles and 3 runs of between 8-11 miles miles since my rest period and my knee has been great. Felt guilty when not running during that week off but it seems so far it was a sensible decision. So please rest and listen to your body, the hard work is done so rest up, recover and peak again in two weeks time.

    Good luck everyone, fingers crossed for you all.
  • Hello fellow marathon runners/crazy people

    I'm doing my first marathon at vlm in a couple weeks and am in the same boat as you all. I'm resting and icing and took a week or so off and managed to do 11 miles yesterday with relatively little discomfort, although am a little sore today. That's it for me in terms of long runs though - as you have all said, the hard work has been done and as much as I hate not running, need to focus on the long game!

    I'm havign physio and am thinking of trying acupuncture this week - has anyone done that? One other thing I'm considering is a knee support/brace or taping the knee for the day - again, has anyone tried this before and have any recommendations on which one?

    Thanks all!



  • I have the same issue as you guys as well, the ITB. Did my final long run 1 1/2 weeks ago and had bad pain during and after, since the physio recommended foam rolling, a series of stretches and bike instead of running.

    I tried running for the first time today but after a mile I felt discomfort again so stopped immediately. Called the physio and he said just bike again and no running.

    I am going to rest all next week and hoping will all be ok for the big day.

    I have also purchased some K tape - has anyone used it and does it relieve pain? Any tips what to do on the day if there is still pain?
  • only thing with taping is that if it is in the wrong place it will do no good at all. Try and get the Physio to show you where to put it and make sure you have someone to help if necessary!

    Glad rest has helped most people but Adam I think I would have some paracetamol on me for the race in your case.
  • Thanks Camlo. Do you ever follow the tutorials on YouTube? These seem pretty detailed so i was going to try this

    How long did it take you to recover from your It Band injury?
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I recall Pure Sports medicine's clinic in the city was open on marathon morning for taping etc. Might be worth giving them a call.  That said, tape lasts for a good few days so you could get it done at home before headig to the race.   I would get a professional to do it.

  • mordomordo ✭✭✭
    Good luck to all of you for the mara. Take it from someone who has done many marathons and who has experience with injury and pain. THE BEST TREATMENT IS REST. You will not lose that much fitness with a 1-2 weeks rest but definitely lose fitness running through pain as well as start a mental battle you may lose on the day. Take time off and do other stuff that keeps you off your feet like cycling or my favourite aqua aerobic. I once had an injury (ITB) and had 3 weeks off my feet following which I got a PB in every race from 10K to 30 miles in the 3 months following that.
  • Hi all,

    I'm sure most of you have seen my post to confirm that I defered on Weds image my knee is still so painful, physio has now diagnosed Patella Tendinitious, so lots of stretches and strengthening excercises for me!  

    Just wanted to wish all those with knee pain/other niggles running tomorrow the best of luck! Let us know how you get on! 



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