I need picture of race

I every one.
Inspired by the tought guy race that I did last january, we are organising a similar race in a great area of France.

Our problem is that this race been a new one , we don't have picture to put on the web site.

If you want to help and give us some picture of your race, we would be happy to give you a deal on the inscription to our race at auvergnate-extreme.fr

Take care every one and keep fit

Christophe Dubois



  • if you just want a picture of people running a race that isn't yours, google "running" and you'll find plenty

  • Look on the flickr website - you can search for tough guy and ask the photographer for permission ?
  • There are plenty of pictures on Flickr which have creative commons licenses - ie. you can use them for free, as long as you give the owner a creadit.

    Have a look on there, and right click on the pictures to see what restrictions there are on using it.

    If you go via creativecommons.org you'll find plenty of other sources, too.

  • Hello every one

    Thank's for advice.

    Unfortunately, all picture that I found on flick are under license, I can't use them on my web site.

    I went on creative commons, wright tought guy in the search, but didn't find anything.

    Maybee I made a mystake, I didn't find the site very clear to look for picture.

    Take care



  • if you go onto creativecommons and use "toughguy" or "tough mudder" and select Google Images you will find plenty of licence free or free to use photos - maybe your spelling was the issue

  • Hello fat buddha and the others.


    Excellent, I found them.
    I think I was on the wrong web site before!

    Thank's a lot


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