Children's TV presenters

I used to hate the television programmes that my four year old watched but we have now settled for Hi5 on Tiny Living in the morning. She just loves the singing and dancing etc.

I quite like watching Charli Robinson do her stuff.

Quality father daughter moments don't come better than this, we've both found something that we can share.


  • Isn't this a bit of a sexist thread - what about us mum's ???
  • Used to really enjoy watching the new adventures of Superman with Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane, unfortunately my daughter lost interest and regressed to Tots TV.

    A couple of weeks ago on one of the kids programmes there was the chance ti win a 'fun day' with Atomic Kitten but the girls wouldn't let me enter :-(
  • Well THE babe of the morning telly is Naomi Wilkinson who does the links on Five (as we now have to call Channel 5).
  • Sorry, doesn't have to be a sexist thread. If you want to admit that you have a thing for Bob the Builder et al feel free. Tim and Nathan on Hi5 don't do it for me but they may be the ideal men for you.
  • Why can't it be a sexist thread?

    The girls could always start a "chocolate sauce & Sean Bean" thread if they want.
  • thanks.......
  • Gail Porter, as was.
  • Quality choice Barkles. I knew I could rely on you.

    When I was growing up the best on offer seemed to be Valerie Singleton or that woman on Magpie. No offence to either of them but children's TV is now much more father friendly.
  • Ah, still got a soft spot for Valerie Singleton caused by years of watching Blue Peter - first love lasts longest

  • What did Dani Behr think she was doing presenting that Saturday morning thing? There is no way that Dani Behr is a kid's TV presenter! Give her a late night slot!

    I used to like Lesley Judd and Sarah Greene. (I can't believe I've just admitted that).
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Don't know her name but there is a presenter who occasionally does the links on 5's sports nights (i'm trying desperately to avoid saying that I watch C5 at night...). She knows nothing about the sport that she is presenting and has no meaningful role to fulfil but is rather pleasing to the eye. It must be home time soon.
  • Is it me or does Cat Deeley not tug at anyones cord. SMTV hasn't been the same since.

  • Thanks PB (or is it Pernickity or should I just call you Butt? LOL). I was trying to find an appropriate photo, but I seem to have lost the photos of my sole marathon effort, which are the only "running" photos of me...

    There are two images of Sarah Greene which will live with me forever. (1) When she was modelling a victorian dress on Blue Peter, and had to show how to put it on, and appeared in just her bra. Please bear in mind I was only about 13 at the time. (2) When she used to be on Saturday Superstore with Mike Read (wasn't it Emma Forbes with Schofield? Or was that Andi Peters?), and on the Christmas edition, she wore what can only be described as a sexy Santa outfit. I'm 32 - I should be getting over this...

    Can I just say a big "thank you" to the BBC for helping me through my formative years.

    Gavo: the presenter you're thinking of is Sophie Blake. They had her on Football Focus on Grandstand for a while. Yes, she is rather pleasing to the eye.....
  • Yes but, this should all be about now. What TV programmes can you recommend for my four year old daughter that I will also gain some satisfaction about?
  • On Challenge TV my 6 yo enjoys Fort Bayou with lots of running/jumping/shouting and competition plus Melinda Messanger's obvious attractions.
  • Melinda' Messenger's attractions are too obvious - in your face, so to speak (I wish).

    No, for pure understated, girl-next-door sex appeal, give me Gabby Logan.. and she's blonde.. the footy fan's crumpet!
  • What about Helen Chamberlain? I'm sure her husband/bloke/partner/significant other isn't as hard as Gabby's.
  • is she the sports reader on RI:SE tv?

    A bit daffy, if she is.

    I don't get my rocks off about many tv presenters these days since Sally James retired from Tis Was.
  • Name from the past - TISWAS yes you all know who I mean, don't deny it ...... NO not Chris Tarrant.

    Today - Tomorrows world and Robot Wars :-)

  • Snoop,

    Hells Bells is the blonde sports presenter on RI:SE (which is easily the worst prog on TV right now), and she also does Socce AM on Sky Sports on a Saturday morning (which is actually quite good).

    The brunette is Kirsty Gallagher, daughter of the famous golfer(?), except that they seem to be sidelining her in the exact same way that Kelly Brook was sidelined by the Big Breakfast, even though she's the best presenter on there....

    I like Sophie Raworth on BBC's Breakfsat programme. Intelligent, witty, rather attractive - but it's just not the same since Jeremy left.

  • Ent you thinking of Filippa Forrester? ..
    poor gel's gone a bit downhill since sprogging last year!
  • Like the handle Mr A! Do you wear copious amounts of gold jewellery and a mean crewcut, or am I thinking of someone else?

    So she is the same person - I think she confuses trying to be sexy with being plain daft - the dumb blonde bit doesn't work for me (thinking of intelligent Gabby agin!). However, intelligence in it's purest form isn't sexy either - that bint who presents Countdown, and Claire Balding also come to mind.

    Now Kelly Brook - who care's if her IQ's at Special Needs level.
  • Sorry, Snoop, but I'm only a trainee gangsta, hence Mr A rather than Mr G. Which means that I'm only allowed to wear costume jewellery.

    Or are you talking about Mr T - sucker!? I ain't getting on no damn plane....

  • We'll have name you Mr S(ophistication).

    Sophie Raworth eh? they don't come much classier than that - it doesn't hurt to aim high.

    I thought Jeremy (it's 8 o'clock) whatsit was a halfwit, but he did run the FLM last year, so perhaps we should be charitable.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Agree with the Hells Bells sentiments - don't have Murdoch TV (not another A-team reference) so only see Soccer AM occasionally. Certainly someone who could hold their own in a footy discussion without talking about players' legs. I'd also imagine that Sue Barker or Sharon Davies might excite some of the more mature forumites (though I'm far too young for all that....)
  • You CAN'T talk about Sue Barker like that. It's treason!

    We all know she belongs to Cliff Richard anyway.

    Sharon Davies - a good looker, but somewhat androgonous on the sex appeal side.
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