Lack of service from Runners World subs department!

Didn't know whether anyone else was have problems with this inefficient bunch? I subscribed 3 months ago, 4 weeks later I received by first magazine as expected, 2 weeks after this I called the office and asked when I could expect to receive my "free gift" to be told it should be with me in the next two weeks. Two weeks later nothing so I sent a comprehensive and detailed email through to their customers services department and as of yet that was 4 weeks ago. Still no response and no "free gift." Any ideas on my next action in order to attain my dues? Dex


  • As far as I can remember with the freebies that come from subscription they are sent from an independant company which seem to work every other Friday in December    image

    Doesnt help you much I know ...

  • Even so it's still disgraceful isn't it?
  • Its quite normal I think and not just with this magazine, I think they outsource the goodies section



  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    "Free gift" = "you get what you pay for" ?
  • It has always been the same, free gifts take months to turn up with RW

  • Well it's not good enough, especially after seeming being fobbed off on the phone with inaccurate information.
  • Hi DexLincs

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. One of the members of our marketing team is going to get in contact with you about this.




  • Thank Katie,

    Subsequently I have had a phone call message from a very nice lady earlier today whilst working and the belated email response from the subscriptions department apologising and explaining the situation regarding the external supplier.

    Feeling happier about the situation and like my business (however small) matters as is the nature of service.


    Can't wait for the "free gift" though as started running again at the New Year after thyroid cancer3 years ago and found I need to drink regularly in small amounts during training for the Rat Race which I'm undertaking in order to raise money for the good people at Cancer Research UK.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Katie, is there any chance RW can finally fix the PMs, quote facility, and general issues writing mails?


    Seemingly no one is bothering to reply to this!

  • Getting on for another 4 weeks and still nothing, why are subscribers/customers being made to pay for the lack of competance and stock control of your subscription providers?



  • Because no one cares ( allegedly )
  • It certainly would seem that way Dave wouldnt it?



  • A big thanks to the subs department for managing to get the camelbak to me the day before the event it was intended for. I don't know whether it was intended, devine intervention or the power of positive thought but thank you whoever made this happen.



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