IT Band and running shoes.

Hey. I have ITBS, I'm so fed up. I've spent all my life running in the wrong trainers (reebok classics) my ITBS started 5yrs ago when I was told I shouldn't run in them and decided to get myself some Asics, this is when all my problems started. Went to physio, they recommended I go back to using my reebok classics as all my tendons and ligaments will be set to them. Low and behold, classics on and I could run a decent distance again, pain free. Trouble is my legs hurt a lot now and I think the reeboks could be the culprit so I decided to try a neutral cushioned running shoe, I'm a neutral (i think) heel striker with a normal arch (heel is slightly more worn on the outside of heel,only slighty) anyway 4 miles into my first run with my new trainers and bang, ITB starts, first time in months. I just don't know what to do, should I go back to my classics? I see a lot of people running 'barefoot' but I thought that would do more damage than good. Any advice would be greatly apprichated, I'm so frustrated and just want to run pain free image 2 days on from my run and my knee is still sore. Thanks in advance.


  • Natalie,

    you would be better treating your ITBS with foam roller massage rather than different shoes.

    Ive not heard of shoes being an issue when it comes to your IT band.

  • Agree with Max's Mum - had terrible ITB issues last year and thought I'd have to give up running....followed advice and bought a foam roller and now use it after every run and bingo...sorted! Yes I do still get niggles , but I then intensify the rolling and it sorts it image. Best thing I ever bought!

  • So reading this, the foam roller seems to be used to mask the underlying issue, and not actually sort it out?  I would be looking at anything from the lower back through to the calves and lower as potential issues. Part of my rehab was to reduce the amount of support in my running shoes as everthing was a bit too stiff and inflexible. Higher up, tight lower back, glutes not doing their job and weak TFL, inflexible hamstrings and tight quads had to be worked on to get out of ITBS.

    There is no one answer to ITBS. I would stop wasting money on trainers and get an assessment + gait analysis from a decent physio/chiropractor. Mine cost less than a pair of running shoes - well worth it. Otherwise try all the different remedies for ITBS and hope you strike lucky

  • + 1 for what Also-ran said

    Its likely to be caused by something going slightly wrong in how youre running - with me I'm pretty sure it was to do with a lazy core.

    Best to get in some basic strength training, squats, side lying leg raises etc.

  • Hey, thank you all for the replies, I've actually just purchased a foam roller, waiting to try it out when I get back from Easter break. The Physio told me its to do with my ITBS is to do with my feet, hence why I was told to go back to my Reebok classics but I'm worried for my joints in the long run. It seems the minute I put on a pair of proper running shoes, it flares up. Just so down about it and don't know what to do for the best, guess ill try the foam roller and see how that goes.
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