The Daily Mail

I found this song about the Daily Mail on Youtube. So, do you think that it's an accurate reflection?




  • I've read somewhere that erading the daily Mail is like spending twenty minutes in a mental asylum. Much like being on this forum.

  • The mail site is worth reading if only for the hysterical but also slightly frightening comments you find underneath the stories.

  • Some Daily Mail style headlines.

    "3 headed lesbian asylum seekers given benefits and put straight to the top of the council house waiting list...and you're paying for it!"

    "Immigrants cause cancer!"

    "Lesbians devalue house prices in middle England."

    "Latvians paid by EU to impregnate your daughter...we must take a stand."

    "If only Diana were here."

    "Brussels to demand that homeowners with a thatched roof on their English cottage pay a fine, with the proceeds going to fund spa treatment days for Romanian gypsies...and you're paying for it!"

  • Apart from the Diana nonsense I've seen all the other things you mention first hand!

  • I take it that you're a Daily Mail reader then?

  • Irony goes straight over the head of some people
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