Lower leg pain

Starting a comeback after being off running for a good 5 years

Only doing 2.6 at the moment but started to get a pain in the lower right leg to the right of the shinbone seems to start at the ankle and spreads up the muscle seems like the muscle is tense and not relaxed - any ideas ?


  • Hi!

    I've had a similar problem after having 12 weeks off with an unrelated injury.  I've tried lots of supports / insoles / routines etc and i think i may have cracked it on my 3 miler yesterday. I wear  a calf / shin support and an ankle support and i foam roller the leg before and after the run to relax the calf muscle. This seemed to work for me last night and no pain (or no where near as bad atleast!) while running.  I also iced after the run just incase!  I think its just the muscles not being quite strong enough yet, so i'm also doing calf rises and stretches.  Good luck!  Its taken me about 5 weeks to find the right combination of support!

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