Week off training.... VLM panic!!

Just after any advice from fellow athletes! Training going to plan for VLM, ran 20miler 2.5 weeks ago,followed by a 14m 1.5 weeks ago ( I struggle to run 18+ on consecutive weekends). Picked up a really nasty cold/infection last week so have not run for a week. Still rough now but itching to get back put there. Thought of short run today to get legs going, run of about an hour on Saturday and if all feels ok, to go for my planned 20m on Monday. Too much too soon? Because they 20m feels a long time ago now I'm anxious to get another long one in asap but don't want to set myself back further healthwise! First time marathon so any advice appreciated!


  • CL - its almost too late to get any training benefit from a 20m run now. If you are slightly underpar you risk losing more than you will gain and just exhausting yourself.

    My advice would be to run no more than 17m now and on soft ground e.g a tow path or similar to minimise the impact. Another idea might be to run a medium easy parkrun on Saturday followed by say 2 hrs easy on Sunday. That way you will simulate a long run on tired legs.

    Bottom line: you have been ill and by your own admission "struggle to run 18+ on consecutive w/e"

    Use your brain; respect what your body is telling you - the rest is ego!

    Good luck

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    If you still feel rough then dont run.  It is tough but you need to concentrate on getting better, rather than ticking a training box.  Maybe try a little run on Sunday and see how you feel after.  If you are ok then do a long run on Monday.  From the sounds of it, I wouldn't run today though.

  • Thank you both for your replies. Frustrating to be twiddling my thumbs! I know I need to listen to my body and get better, but needed to hear it from someone more experienced that this was a better option than running through it!
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    Are you still gunky?  Anything on the chest?  If you have a chest infection, I would rest up because you risk doing yourself more damage.  If it's cleared up and you're just feeling a little run down or snivvly you could go for a short run now to see how it feels and build from there.  But really, most of the work is done now so best to err on the side of caution.

  • Little bit gunky and a dry cough!
  • Celtic Lady, I ran the Abingdon Marathon last October, my first marathon since 1998. My training was going fine until the last three weeks, when I contracted not one but two viruses in consecutive weeks. I was on the verge of pulling out, but felt ok in the last two days before the event and, because the effect was for me to have a very long taper. I revised my expectations down (they were low anyway - this was the first time I'd run so far since being diagnosed as diabetic in 2007, but that's another story), ran simply as I felt and came in at just over 3hrs46 minutes. Play this by ear. Rest up if you feel ill. If you feel better, just test the water with your running - you might make things worse by doing too much. You will get round, but perhaps not as fast as you once thought you would.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I ended up going for a 15minute jog end of last week,followed by a steady 4miler yesterday having felt far better than last week. 4miler felt bit tired but rested today and will extend a little tomorrow if it feels ok.

    I think my legs were just itching to get out there and my nervous mind needed to be out at ease! Thanks again
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