Brooks Pureflow 1 v. Pureflow 2

Hello all,

I've been a big fan of the Pureflows for a year or more  - I've nearly worn out the last for 4 pairs of them and I've been injury free ever since I discovered them. So I was a bit disappointed when my first pair of the Pureflow 2 arrived today. 

My first impression (leaving aside the hideous colour - are the designers colour blind??) is that they feel less flexible than the 1s and bending my foot feels more of an effort and as though the nav band is really pressing down on the top of my foot to keep them on. I don't have a problem with asymmetric lacing in principle - I've never tried it so willing to give it the benefit of the doubt -  it feels like they will rub at the point where the tongue is separate from the shoe. One of the many great things about the 1s is that they always felt brilliant straight out of the box and I don't think I've ever had any blisters but these feel like they will definitely need breaking in.

I've been bouncing around the kitchen trying to get used to them and trying to decide whether to send them back and look for something else. So I'd be really interested to know how any die-hard Pureflow fans have found them?


  • I have a pair of original flows and they have been my favourite. They have over 500 miles on them and I decided to replace with the flows 2.

    Thinking I didn't need to take it easy, as I am used to flows, I went for 5 miles interval run, and really didn't feel comfortable. They clearly have the bounce of the new flows - I can see now that my old pair has lost it - but i'm not in love.

    Not sure if it's flexibility - possibly. Also they give me the weird feeling as if I'm overpronating in them - I am a neutral midfoot strike runner and this has never been my problem. Last night I went out for 6 miles in old shoes..

    I think perhaps because they are new and nouncy, there is a difference and hence the surprise on heavier run. Theoretically, they shouldn't be that much worse.

    Where did you get yours - could you try them running and then still return if not happy?
  • Goji,

    I've decided to return them - I don't want to go running in them in case they won't take them back.  I was so delighted with the flow 1s that I'm not really willing to compromise on the flow 2. I always replaced my flows after 250-300 miles, I could tell they'd lost some cushioning after that distance, but putting on a new pair of flow 1s always felt comfortable from the start. Like the same shoe renewed. These feel very different. The heel is noticeably more cut away so I tip backwards when standing in them, they're more inflexible, the cushioning feels a tad harder (might be imagining this) but the overall shape doesn't feel like it matches my foot somehow. If they feel like that in my living room, I'm not convinced they'll improve on a run.

    I'm also a neutral midfoot striker and I hear really good things about the Skechers GoRun Ride so I've ordered some. Before I found the Flows, I liked the original GoRuns which are v. flexible and light but a bit too minimalist for me as I definitely need some forefoot cushioning. The GoRun Ride is supposed to be as flexible, but more cushioned. I have a marathon in 6 weeks and I need to pick a shoe for that asap so if the Skechers don't work out I'll have to hunt for some flow 1s, at least I should be able to get a discount!


  • Yes, fair enough, I saw original flows on amazon for about ??63. Thanks for the tip on sketchers - might try them.
  • On the plus side, now the 2s are out, you should be able to pick up the 1s dirt cheap!


  • The Flow 2 has exactly the same midsole and outsole as the 1s, so there can't be a difference, other than the new shoes are new !

    The only change is the upper.
  • Slightly off at a tangent here, but I'm a Cadence wearer and love the 1s. I tried on the 2s and they felt very different -not that 'out of the box' slipper feel.

    I bought the Grit 2s and I get that feeling of overpronating in them too. A bit odd. Also on the Grit 2, the top of the heel cup has a hard bit of plastic or something under the foam-yeah, and guess what, they rubbed on my Achiles into a blister.


    I'm looking around now.

  • SSLHP, my feeling exactly (in flows). I wonder if it's the plasticky support to the side of the upper that does that. I still kinda hope they will turn out all right - but if I had bought them from e.g sweatshop they would be going back to get exchanged for original flows
  • Why do they always f*** with a good shoe?

  • Oh dear, I'm waiting to try a new pair of pure connects in my local shop. Here's hoping they've not fupped them up too as my current ones are looking a bit poorly...
  • My skechers have just arrived and I really like them! They are more flexible than my Pureflow 1s and the toebox is huge. I take a size 8 in street shoes but have been buying 8.5s for running shoes. Based on trying on the Go Runs last year, I got an 8 in the GoRun Rides and they fit perfectly. Very light.

    The forefoot padding feels about equal to the Flows (I've been bouncing round the kitchen with one of each shoe on my feet to compare - well it entertained the cat!). However whereas the Flow padding feels fairly uniform, there is a lot more padding under the midfoot and a bit less under the forefoot in the GoRun Rides.

    I'm dying to go for a run in them but tomorrow's a 20 miler so I think I'll save them for a shorter run next week.

  • Well I bought them. The upper with the asymmetric lacing is annoying but I am otherwise happy with them.


    I am going to put some elastic laces on as it is a bit more tricky getting them to the right tension with this asymmetric bollox.

  • Hello, just to let you know that I've put a review of the GoRun Rides up for comparison with the Pureflow


  •  Hi all, was running on the Pure Flow 1's for over 200 miles and loved them, was using them as transition to minimalist, but then the padding on top of both heels appeared to wear and started to cut into both Achilles at same time, was unable to use them for running. Up until then I loved them, great comfortable shoe.

    Decided to contact Brooks in the off chance about the issue, and they agreed to replace them, which I was pleasantly surprised about!! Original shoes were bought in a specialist store over 100 miles from home and they even agreed and arranged for me to use a local retailer to facilitate the exchange which was another pleasant surprise.

    Now as with all new shoes and especially since they were supplying the newer Pure Flow 2, I was apprehensive about them and nervous they wouldn't be as good as the originals but I must say they are very good with a fit and feel like the originals allowing a seamless transition, which hasn’t always been the case with new shoes of the same model/type.

    Although Brooks customer service and the retailer McElhinneys in Donegal, Ireland were very good during this experience, my judgment has not been swayed and I only have good experience of both the Pure Flow 1 and 2..image

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