Am I on course???

I am doing the Manchester 10k on the 26th May. I have started from the couch - literally having not exercised for 20 years.

Done C25K and moving on to 10k.

I have done week 10 and am doing 5 mins walk, 15 mins run, 1 mins walk, 15 mins run, 1 mins walk, 15 mins run then 5 mins walk - so three reps.

Total time is 57 mins and I am covering 7.76km in that time.

I want to run sub 60mins, but i feel I am about 10-15 minutes off that pace. What are your thoughts and do you have any advice for me with 2 months to go until my first ever race?

Thanks in advance.


  • I think that you're covering the right distance to do a 10K and that you just need to try and run for a longer period of time without stopping, You don't say how often you are going out for a run. My advice would be to go out at least three times a week and try and cut out some of the time spent walking. You could also mix it up a bit by replacing one of your sessions with two miles of hills to build up some more endurance. It might also be worth getting involved in one of the wekly parruns, which are a times 5k race.

    Good luck.  

  • Thanks Matthew, i am running 3 times a week. The programme i follow increases the run time, i think next week i do 17 min reps as opposed to 15 and the week after 20 min reps.

    Hills might be worth a shout though.

  • John, well done for making the progress you have so far.  With 8 weeks to go, you are unlikely to take a significant chunk of time off your 10k time, so my advice to you would be to not focus on that at this stage - if anything, I'd say slow it down a little, so that you are able to sustain the longer runs.  Trying to ramp up too quickly so often leads to injury, and then weeks of not being able to run.  Much better overall if you just enjoy your 1st 10k, learn from the experience, and slowly and steadily build up your endurance.  Speed will follow.  The 5k parkrun is a good idea, it is fun, sociable, you'll meet other people who can support and advise you, and it's good practice for pacing yourself.


  • With the zeal of the recently converted I can wholeheartedly recommend Parkrun as a training run and a motivational tool for building (or re- building) health and fitness. There are loads of events countrywide, varying terrain, but the spirit and encouragement you get from complete strangers to keep going and finish ( I'm usually last at Banstead Woods) is brilliant and the fresh air and scenery is as much a high as the exercise - although getting your time texted to you a couple of hours later over a rewarding coffee, is always a great buzz too! And there is always the possibility of a PB on a good week or the mental satisfaction of a finish in driving rain or sub-zero temperatures...all the best for your event.
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