Knee pain

Hi I have been increasing my mileage as I am doing VLM i have done 23 miles last week as I have done this I am getting a pain in my knee . The right hand side of my knee cap next to my patella tendons it seems to get swollen and I have a aching pain it's not to bad when doing flat running but when I involve any hills as I live in a hilly area it gets worse Also can't do any sharp down hills as bottom of my patella tendons hurt if its to steep hills anyone got any idea what has happened as really don't want spoil the big day only doing little runs now and slow spin bike now Cheers


  • Bradders if its outside of kneecap on side of your leg it sounds like I.t band. Search the forums there's loads on here about it. I had to pull out of east hull 20 due to this after a lsr of 19 mile.

    I took three and a half week off and did first run tonight of 7.4 mile and it was fine.

    Get yourself a sports massage quick to loosen up the muscles as they are prob very tight. If I remember rightly your local to me as I remember you doing liversedge half so I an give you name of a great guy in mirfield if you want. He charges 20 quid for half an hour and has really loosened my muscles.

    Also get a foam roller or use. Rolling pin on outside of your thigh down to your knee to help things along but don't push he training now with only three week to go.
  • Ok keggi I will ring the lady that does mine see what she can do I got one booked in for one a week before London gonna have a week off now and rest see if it eases up .it weird I ok on flat but when there is hills and down hills hurts a bit

    Don't want anything going at this later stage ?
  • Messages my sports massiure she says she is gonna try and get me in just been googling and found this pretty bang on area I get my pain I forgot to say I am bow legged in that leg so accounts for a mojor part of why I am getting the pain sod it rest time now don't want to

    Get a bad injury now .
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Get a massage asap, I would say. You may need a few.  You've done most of your training so you can relax now.  Maybe just cycle or water run for a week or 2, you wont lose fitness.

  • I have a spin bike which I have been using in training and a mountain bike .

    I also have a friend who's a physio so gonna get it confirmed as getting worried looking at net .The main thing is it has not got bad enough that it has stopped me while running so must be early signs so am gonna take a week off get my massage sorted and just easy bike till

    London. Like you say I have put the miles in now time to relax.
  • Well thought I would update on my knee situation been to see physio and been told I have a bit of tendonitis so I have just had a week off and just done 5 mile on flat which went fine and incoperating spin and swimming in my training just to keep my fitness.

    I am just glad it has happend after I have done all the hard runs at least I got my 23 miler in roll on London just hope it all goes to plan :0).
  • Hi, just wondered what you have been advised to do for the tendonitis?
  • I was told by my physio to keep the miles low so I'm only doing 5 milers on flat no hills with ice and heat on my knee after the runs also steady biking as all my major runs are done now . My knee doesnt feel to bad when I run glad i havent got it as bad as some of the storys i have read. i am booked in for a sports massage which will help also I am just trying to keep my fitness now . After London taking a while off for it to heal as think I will be bad by the end
  • OK thanks, probably new a visit to physio too as there's been no improvement following that sort of plan. Good luck for London image
  • Yeah it's best to have it looked at and you can take it from there .
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