high 5 zero hydrate

1st  time on here guys,

so feel free to totally educate me ,

doing edinbrough marathon and im wondering about energy drinks ,, do i take them before or during the run ,, also any tips for stopping tighting of my calfs ,,

any tips would be appreciated 



  • Basically your body has fuel to get you through a good 15 to 20 miles or so.

    You need to take on extra energy as you go. You can do this through energy drinks, sweets or my favourite for races - gels.

    The zero part seems to suggest its no calories ? So that won't be an energy drink - its one to replace your salts. Handy on hot long runs but probably not that useful for Edinburgh.

    How far have you run already ? Did you take on anything ? You need to test your nutrition strategy on your long runs to see if it works.
  • doing 1o miles comfortable  im struggling with my weight though ,

    do that in 1hr 25  i dont take anything with me ,, i just have a glass of water before

    any tips for my calfs always really tight afterwards,,

    ive b een told about green tea supplements for quick fat break down

    thanks for the help

  • Stewart - what cougie said about High 5 zero - it's an electrolyte replacement best used on very long and hot runs to help you drink more, but you won't get any energy from it.

    Once you get to runs of more than an hour and a half, I'd try experimenting with food and drink on the run. What will they be supplying at Edinburgh? It's useful to practise with what you'll be offered on the day as it saves carrying stuff, but what they have may not suit you. A swig of water and a gel, or a few jelly beans or similar every half hour may be all you need, but your long runs are the place to experiment. Edinburgh has actually been unusually hot a couple of times (although it looks less like it this year, there's still snow up there...), so you need to be on top of your hydration.

    There are lots of calf stretches you can do - get in to the habit of doing them every day, and not just after a run. But I'm afraid tight calves may just be an occupational hazard or marathon training!
  • If you're up to 10 now - then you can get up to running 20 once before tapering down but you need to add 2 miles to it each week. There's no slack at all.

    Green tea sounds rubbish to me. What you need is decent training - if you're heavy then obviously losing weight will help so cut out the junk or reduce quantity.
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