Just an introduction...

Hi folks, Never done any running before but play a bit of football and drag myself into the gym when I have to. Despise running on a treadmill and was surprised how much I'm enjoying running outdoorsg. Managed 5 miles on my first outing last week and planned a 3 miler today but surprised myself and kept going until 6.2m just under an hour too which was even more surprising! I'm experiencing sciatic pains down the back of my right leg though the same as last time despite concentrating on my running style. Hopefully this will stop happening after my body gets used to running??? My legs stopped doing what my head told them to after about 4 miles and struggled but just kept bimbling on.. Am quite pleased with how well it's going so far! Anyway any hints/tips appreciated! Hoping to complete a couple of 10k's this year as well as lose a bit of weight. I'm in late 20's and run along the road/woods/canal currently..


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    You sound like you are running way to far to soon.

    You talk about doing 10k's sometime.... That's what you did today.

    Just run a lot less but more often and build up slowly,
  • I meant I aim to complete some 10k 'events' this year. I do some shorter runs as well as these but the two examples above are the longest I've managed so far..
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