Nike free and fallen arches?

I started running a couple months ago and ive been feeling pain in my lower legs so i went to get it checked out.  I got shin splints because ive been wearing the typical running shoes.  I've been thinking of buying nike free run 3.0 and i was wondering if that would make my shin splints worse? I've heard a lot of stories about people who have gotten better from running barefoot or minimalist shoes


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Not the shoes, its you.

    You've done too much too soon.

  • so it doesnt matter what kind of shoes i wear and the nike frees won't make it worse?

  • I agree with RicF! There's too great a correlation made between the shoes you wear and the performance and injury risk. I would recommend building up your mileage gradually, improving running form and looking into flexibility and strength routines to prehab your legs

  • The guys are right about the whole too much too soon thing, however there may also be something going on with your bio-mechanics.

    For me I over-pronate when I get tired and so I need orthotics (physio recommended). For me the Nike Frees were an instant shin splint maker. I can put my orthotics in them but then what is the point in running in a free shoe when you are taking away all the bendy free-ness. I use mine for every day use now because they are so comfortable!

    But there is no support at all and without my orthotics I'd struggle to do any more than 10k in them and I'd suffer for it. In contrast I ran 15.5 miles in my Brooks Pure Cadence last weekend.

    I'm not convinced there is as much in the shoe thing as the manufacturers would have you believe and I tried 6 different pairs in 6 months. But the extremes of running trainers don't necessarily suit everyone.

    My advice (and I know I've gone on a bit) save some of that cash and use it to get a chat with a physio or similar, it will save you loads of time messing about with trainers that will make no difference. The £60 I spent on the physio was miles more productive than the £300-£400 I have spent on trainers!

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