Couch to Tri

Looking for someone to Train with. I am a complete novice, overweight since giving up smoking. Looking to do a sprint triathlon in September. I have a 22 week couch to tri plan and am looking for someone to train Anyone interested. Would you like to get fit with me or perhaps you would like a project.


  • Where are you? Might get things started anyway!
  • Located in Bridgend South Wales
  • Hi Jacqui,

    I am in the same boat as you. If you fancy a virtual training buddy give me a shout.

  • That would be great. You can keep I touch with me at I started yesterday on a beginner's programme. Swam 6 lengths and walked for 20 minutes. Today is my first 2 mile bike ride. I am determined to complete the beginner's sprint triathlon in Bath in September. Do you have a specific goal in mind?
  • Great stuff Jacqui. You might want to delete your email or you'll end up getting spam.

    You can reach me on george2011 (at) talktalk (dot) net

    I'm greedy and hoping to do an Ironman in 2014. Not absolutely sure which one yet though. You should be good for an IM then too image

    I'm starting from about the same level that you are currently on.

  • I don't think I will be doing Ironman next year!!!!!!! Done my first two miles on my bike today - really hard. Onwards and up
  • Well done!

  • Hi Jaqui,

    I'm about the embark on a Couch to Tri program which sounds familar to yours and Ive also entered the Bath Novice Sprint Tri in September (or as I like to call it 170 days away!)

    I coming at it from the angle that I've been running for a few months so hopefully the last leg should be fine, I've just bought a classic 1980's road bike (I figure it's got to be better than the commuter I have with attached child seat! (which I've not used in over a year)) which i need to get out around the streets of Devon and I swim like a brick; that can't swim.

    I could use some 'virtual' support as well so feel free to contact me at my hotmail address which you can access with the prefix dbaylis (oh and it's a com)

    Good luck.


  • Hi guys. I know I'm 12 months behind on this post but wandered if you are still doing this or anyone want another newbie as a project. I've been looking for how to get into tri & whole there's loads of stuff on the Web & really need a buddy to get me going. Any help / ideas gratefully received.
  • Hi dory, I'm basically in the same boat. I've started swimming and will build the other two things into my plan in September. Let me know if you want to e-train. I'm off swimming in an hour - 50 lengths.
  • Where are you located?


  • I'm in Bridgend, South Wales.
  • Just to let you know my capabilities (if that helps)... I can swim 60-80 lengths of a 25m pool in 1hr. But never done open water or Lake. I've run several half marathons but have had a break as recovered from injury. Can ride a bike to stay on but haven't done much cycling without a motor attached (motorbike now sold)... but have never done a tri & no no clue about transitions.
  • Hi rpichfo. How did the swim go?

    Sorry for not getting back sooner. Ye happy to try e-train but may need about of a kick sometimes lol. Having been out for awhile due to injury i'm also having to get my head in the right place. How do you suggest we progress as I haven't done e-train before. Cheers Deb
  • Hi Dory,

    Well we can keep each other updated via this forum or share how things are going via IMs. I need to ensure this isn't my latest fad so could also do with some encouragement/ gentle pushing.

    Swimming was fine - not worried about that. Did 20km on my fitness bike friday - again not much of a problem (the real thing might be a different proposition). Running, my Achilles heel. Did my first run today, nearly died. Signed myself up for a 10km in November as motivation. 

  • Well done you, rpitchfo for signing up for a 10km. I need to do the same. Have been looking but think 5km is better for me at the mo. 30 length swim tonight went well.
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