Running form questions

Hi all, I have never been much of a runner, but lately I have been running on the treadmill at the gym for some cardio exercise. The past couple days my knees have been hurting, and I suspect poor running form as the culprit, so I had a few questions that I hope some of you with more experience could answer. First of all, I think I overextend my stride, so that is something I will try to work on. Also, I am going to start running on the street to see if the treadmill is contributing to my poor form. I was running on a treadmill near a mirror the other day, and I couldn't believe how ridiculous I looked! I seem to swing my lower legs out in a semi-circle before planting them, and I think I land too much on my heel. I also noticed that I put my feet down one almost directly in front of the other, and I was wondering if this is normal/acceptable, or should I try to keep them more in alignment with my hips? I am not pigeon-toed normally, but I tend to point my toes in a bit when I run, should I straighten them out? I usually wear shoes without any arch support for daily use, but I have some running type shoes with moderate arch support for when I go to the gym, and have been wearing them when I run. Is this helpful, or is it a hinderance, do you think? Any tips you might have on what to correct, and how to do so are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. : )


  • If you've never been much of a runner and now your knees hurt it's because you're doing too much too soon. 

    Everyone has a different walking gait, you see people walking in really odd ways, would anyone think to try and change the way they/you walk?

    Run however feels natural to you.

  • Thanks for the response. The reason I asked about form is that I had been doing intervals of walking/running for about 20 minutes a couple days a week, for a couple weeks, and just the past few days my knees have been hurting. I took a break from running for a few days, but my knees still hurt when I got back on the treadmill, even though I cut back on the time and intensity. I will take some more time off before I startup again to give my knees a rest, and see if that will help
  • The biggest improvement I saw in my running (times and reduced effort and knee pain) was to increase my cadence to 180 steps per minute (90 of each leg) from my beginners style of around 120 - shorter, quicker strides landing under my body rather than out in front.

    I'd always (at the beginning) tried big long strides which meant landing in front of my body causing extra g-force on landing as I was effectively braking my whole body weight for a split second each stride.

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