Unbreakable: The Western Sates 100 - DVD (journeyfilm)

Can anyone help me find Unbreakable: The Western States 100 DVD? I've only been able to find it on American websites etc. Has anyone got this DVD from a British retailer/site?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for running movie/documentaries? Think I know most, but I would appreciate any ideas. 


  • I searched for ages for in the UK for this and you can't get it. My wife got it for me for Christmas from the US. Well worth the wait in my opinion but then i do kinda have a WSER obsession.

    There are some great documentaries on you tube about WS and Badwater there is also one about two british guys who run across America that i haven't got round to watching yet.


  • I bought it and imported it from the USA, it took a couple of weeks but it's well worth it. I tout I heard on TalkUltra that you can download it now?

    There's loads on YouTube, the Badwater and 3000 mile men ones are good, the Spartathlon documentary is worth looking for too!

    Killian Jornet's Summits Of My Life is also amazing - highly recommended
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