Paddock Wood AC Half Marathon

My son and I want to do the half marathon, but have now been advised that the only way we can do this is if entrants,who can't for any reason take part, are prepared to transfer their places to us. If this applies to you please can you get in touch via the forum. Many thanks.


  • Hello David,

    I am signed up for the Paddock Wood half marthon, however I probably won't be doing the run this Sunday as I am currently recovering from shin splints in my right leg and haven't done any running for the last fortnight. Doing the VLM in three weeks time and when I do get the go ahead to start running again that will be my priority, not this Sundays event.

    I have only one space available, so don't know if that will be of any use to you?


  • Thanks Nick. yes please. my son Michael will happily take your place. I will wait and see if another place comes up. If you definitely won't be running - let me know how we can reimburse you. Also do you have a chip time device, or is this collected on the day?

    look forward to hearing from you.

  • I have sent an email asking if my place can be transferred and if it can what I would need to do to transfer the place to your son. Will keep you posted.

    Oh and the chip time device is in the running number.

  • Thanks Nick that's great. Below is the response which I had from the genral enquiries at sports system. Really appreciate your help. My son lives in Chatham and could pick up the number if neccessary.



    Yes there was a last minute surge unfortunately the only way to gain a place now is by finding someone who is willing to transfer their entry to you. You may be able to find someone if you leave a post on the runners world website or on facebook.

  • Hello David,

    For some reason I am unable to send you a direct message so what's your email address please?

  • Hi Nick


  • I have yet to receive my race number, when were they sent out.

    Pete Thompson

    6/BN42 4LF

    Brighton & Hove City AC



  • I got my race entry through the post a few days after I entered the event online.

  • One place desperately wanted! If anyone is pulling out and wants to transfer it to me I would gladly take it?  Many thanks! Email me at

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    Claire - I've emailed you.

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