Wetsuit help


I'm back and after more help. Previously brought my wetsuit - a blueseventy fusion from sportpursuit but I am not sure I brought the right size. It was VERY tight, i walked a bit like a penguin and the shoulder split after only 1 season.

I am a god awful swimmer and was quite tempted by the HUUB suits (i am a sucker for advertising!) Just wondering what brands/shops etc people suggest. I reckon I need to try them on because I know they are supposed to be tight, but I am not sure they are supposed to be THAT tight!

Thanks for any help


  • You need to try them on. Whereabouts are you ?
  • Wiltshire - Salisbury

  • I went to B2P sports in Windsor yesterday and hired a wetsuit, they had plenty in stock and were extremely helpful!!

  • HP - maybe head off to TriUK in Yeovil which isn't a zillion miles away??   they have an endless pool so not only can you try suits on, you can also see how they feel to swim in.

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